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Thursday, April 16, 2020

USA will hit 1M coronavirus covid-19 positive case sooner then earlier projection, more then 50,000 lives will be lost before April 24

Once again in the Coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump said we have reached the peak and the country is ready to open sooner under Phase 1-3 plan. The idea is they are using is herd immunity in which 2-3% will lose life but those stupid people don't know the death rate is now gone up from 1.9% from last month to 5.25%. If we do the herd immunity 16M people will be at risk of losing lives. IHME model which they are using is flawed as its just assuming 795 deaths between May 31st - August 1st assuming virus will go away like miracle. IHME model says 68,841 deaths by August 4th.

My model is predicting 4.3M positive case by August 1st, and more then 220520 deaths. USA already has 34,461 lives lost as of April 16, 2020. We will be hitting 50,000 deaths before 24th.

Timeline for deaths: Feb 29: 1st Mar 17: 100 17 days Mar 25: 1,000 8 days Apr 1: 5,000 6 days Apr 6: 10,000 5 days Apr 9: 15,000 3 days Apr 11: 20,000 2 days
Apr 14: 25,000 1 day
Apr 15: 30,000 1 day

If you think this is peak, then you must be stupid and out of your mind who still doesnt understand how serious this virus is. Stay home stay safe.

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