Top alert for 2014: MYGN (50%), LIVE (45%), CTIC (115%), KOOL (88%), PZG (32%), GOLD (6%), IOC (6%), RSOL(18%), PLUG (70%), IMMU (26%)

Chart Analysis

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XGTI: History suggest its pump and dump stock. Play it long while it rallies otherwise take your profit and move on.

XGTI Chart

UVXY chart:  15.07, 15.57, 15.74, 15.90, 16.24, 16.40, 16.57, 17.07 resistance
UVXY above 16.24 can be bought with PT of 17.07

Dow jones Chart:
Dow jones Recovery and Sell off chart

S&P500 chart: Failed and recovery attempt
S&P500 Chart failed and recovery attempt
UVXY Chart Analysis:
UVXY trading plan

Predicting 2013:
We know history repeat in stock market. Over a long term stock have rallied after every sell off. But we look at Dow jones, Nasdaq and S&P500 chart for the first the its near death cross. In 2012, it was in similar situation but stock managed to rally and changing death cross to golden cross.  Its in similar situation right now, which is bearish for long term inspite of short term bullishness. 

In this chart I am assuming in computer trade like today's Dow futures, 2013 could be worst year for stock market after 2008.   Pattern looks quite similar.  So the big prediction based on this chart is Dow jones could close below 10k in 2013 if Dow jones follow today's Dow jones pattern. I don't want it to happen, and neither Fed  or ECB will allow it to happen but I am saying whats chart is indicating. 
Comparing today's Dow jones futures to long term Dow jones chart

10 Year performance by S&P500 sector: Tracking energy and technology.

Fed Reserve Bank Credit vs S&P500:
The Fed's balance sheet has expanded sharply in recent weeks.  It was up $41.2 bln at last measure and$15.0 bln the week prior.  The first graphic below displays the relationship between the Fed's balance sheet and the S&P 500.   The relationship is loose and seems to come and go.  However, the recent burst of liquidity looks positive for stocks (economic growth has tended to be more constructive too).
14-Nov-12  2878843.00
21-Nov-12   2872736.00
28-Nov-12   2852897.0
05-Dec-12   2861340.00
12-Dec-12   2918788.00
19-Dec-12   2921776.00
26-Dec-12   2908859.00 (Small drop this week)

S&P500 vs Fed Reserve Bank Credit

Dec 28th: FSLR chart

Dec 25th: Short term bearish call on BAC Pt of 10.40
BAC PT of 10.40

Dec 24th:   Bearish call on APC PT of 70.65 if 74.73 breaks

Dec 24th: Worst case scenario for no solution on fiscal Cliff
S&P500 worst case scenario

Dec 23rd:  Trading plan for December 24th for SPY
SPY trading plan

Dec 23rd:  Trading plan for December 24th for CMG

Dec 23rd: Trading plan for December 24th for AAPL
AAPL chart
Dec 23rd:  Trading plan for December 24th for Dow jones
Dow jones is expected to open flat

Dec 23rd: Bulish call on NUS if it can break 34.77, then new PT is 36.24
NUS chart buy above 34.77 with PT of 36.84

Dec 23rd:  Bullish call on HLF if it can break 27.38 resistance. New PT of 29.24
HLF chart New PT 29.24

December 18th-19th:  Key level for S&P500, Dow jones, Nasdaq, US dollar Index.
Key Level for Futures trading.


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