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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Premarket Trading Ideas for Sept 2nd: DGLY, JRJC

Chart of the day:

DGLY: DGLY Short Term Price Target $16.31
DGLY Short Term Price Target $16.31
JRJC: Short Term price Target $8.10
JRJC: Short Term price Target $8.10


Stocks turn around and end their road trips too. They run into support or resistance levels and eventually turn around and start moving back in the opposite direction. Sometimes they turn around immediately, and sometimes they test the support or resistance level in front of them a few times before finally giving up and turning around. Regardless, they eventually end up turning around.
If the stock you are watching really is at the end of its road trip and is ready to turn around and head home, a reversal pattern will most likely form while the stock price consolidates. Reversal patterns tell you that the stock is going to turn around and reverse its previous trend after it breaks out of the reversal pattern.
Reversal patterns, like all price patterns, are made of the following four pieces:
  • Old trend: the trend that the stock price is in as it starts to form the price pattern
  • Consolidation zone: a constrained area defined by set support and resistance levels
  • Breakout point: the point at which the stock price breaks out of the consolidation zone
  • New trend: a reversal of the old trend that the stock price enters as it comes out of the consolidation zone
  • Reversal patterns form in a few different shapes, but for the most part, they look quite similar. The only real difference you will see is in the shape of the consolidation zone. The consolidation zones of some reversal patterns have a single level of support and single level of resistance while others have multiple levels of support and multiple levels of resistance. Every other aspect of the price pattern is identical.
The following are the most common reversal patterns you will see during an uptrend:
  • Double tops
  • Triple tops
  • Head-and-Shoulders tops
Double tops—double tops form during an uptrend as the up-trending stock price hits the same resistance level twice in the consolidation zone.
Triple tops—triple tops form during an uptrend as the up-trending stock price hits the same resistance level three times in the consolidation zone.
Head-and-Shoulders tops—head-and-shoulders tops form during an uptrend as the up-trending stock price hits a lower resistance level, then hits a higher resistance level and then hits the lower resistance level a second time in the consolidation zone.
The following are the most common reversal patterns you will see during a downtrend:
  • Double bottoms
  • Triple bottoms
  • Head-and-Shoulders bottoms
Double bottoms—double bottoms form during a downtrend as the down-trending stock price hits the same support level twice in the consolidation zone.
Triple bottoms—triple bottoms form during a downtrend as the down-trending stock price hits the same support level three times in the consolidation zone.
Head-and-Shoulders bottoms—head-and-shoulders bottoms form during a downtrend as the down-trending stock price hits a higher support level, then hits a lower support level and then hits the higher support level a second time in the consolidation zone.
Low Stock for this week is: END, FRO, CBMX, BOBE, WWWW, MAT, VNR, PPR, GES, DO, RIG, ANGI, AMPE, FMER
BOBE Support level:

BOBE support level
MAT Support level:
MAT Support Level

Coming up Rest of the stock chart 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bull and Bear Case for Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR)

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing ribonucleic acid (RNA) interference (RNAi) therapeutics and providing its lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology to pharmaceutical partners.  In the field of RNAi therapeutics, the Company has licensed its LNP delivery technology to Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Merck & Co., Inc. 

Bear Case:
Recently FDA has changed its clinical hold on TKM-Ebola to a partial hold. This is indeed a good development but does not justify the stock valuation. The reason is that even if the drug is successful years from now, it may amount to only minuscule ongoing sales and a one-time large sale. History shows us that Ebola outbreaks tend to subside, and even at the peak, do not spread to more than a few thousand people.There is simply not a big enough ongoing market for an Ebola drug. The one-time sale may be due to government agencies stockpiling drugs. Such government stockpiling may be split among drugs from several vendors. 

TKMR Financial Statement
Tekmira’s net loss for Q2 2014 was $6.1 million, as compared to a net loss of $18 million for Q1 2014. Q2 2014 revenue was $1.8 million, as compared to $4.4 million in Q1 2014. In Q2 2014 has cash equivalents, and investments of $129.5 million, as compared to $134.4 million at the end of Q1 2014, so net cash burn in the quarter of $4.9 million.

Bull Case:
Don't fight the trend and good pipeline
Add caption

Support level for TKMR
TKMR Support level, I am Short @21.60

Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekly Outlook for September 1st - 5th: CONN, GWRE, NAV, GIII, PVH, HRB, AVAV, MFRM, CIEN, HOV, PAY, MBLY, FNSR, BLOX, SEAC

This week's top 20 % gainers
  • Technology:  PSMI (12.45 +61.64%), MOBL (11.59 +33.97%)
  • Services:THI (80.44 +31.37%),TA (11.39 +18.29%),BKW (32.04 +16.65%)
  • Healthcare: RPRX (21.92 +41.79%), ITMN (73.45 +37.59%), FOLD (7.19 +34.38%), KITE (28.27 +23.8%), ACHN (11.57 +20.91%), IG (6.89 +18.5%), AXDX (20.26 +18.47%), CUR (4.07 +17.94%), ISIS (40.76 +16.77%), BDSI (16 +16.42%)
  • Financial: HGSH (7.53 +35.18%)
  • Conglomerates: REX (106.83 +17.48%)
  • Basic Materials: EMES (144.17 +17.03%)

This week's top 20 % losers
  • Utilities:EDN (10.32 -9.07%)
  • Technology:QIHU (87.83 -13.08%),GRUB (38.44 -10.98%),YGE (3.36 -9.02%),SLH (60.96 -8.43%),WUBA (41.65 -7.81%),WIX (16.42 -7.78%)
  • Services:NDLS (19.57 -11.38%),BOBE (43.42 -10.38%),MEG (15.41 -10.24%),CTCT (31.17 -9.52%),WSM (65.77 -9.17%),SKYW (8.97 -9.1%),HUBG (43.49 -7.9%),
  • Industrial Goods:SWHC (11.07 -13.8%)
  • Healthcare:NVDQ (13.07 -14.04%)
  • Consumer Goods:MOV (37.13 -15.21%),TOUR (18.5 -13.07%),ZQK (2.91 -10.94%)
  • Basic Materials:MCP (1.79 -10.77%)

Tuesday, September 2nd:
Pre Market Earning - CONN, KFX
After Hours Earning: - PIKE, GWRE, AVNW, PRGN
Economic calendar:

  • Australian rate decision: Tuesday, 12:30 am EST: Australia’s central bank maintained the cash rate at a record low of 2.5%, saying the nation’s economic outlook remains unclear. The slowdown in mining investment weighs on growth. Therefore, GDP expansion in the June quarter is expected to be weaker than in the previous quarter. Domestic demand is also subdued due to elevated currency. However, lenient monetary policy boosted the housing market. Global issues also contributed to uncertainty tensions in Ukraine and Gaza and the guessing game around the timing of the first rate increase in the US. No change in rats is expected now.
  • US ISM Manufacturing PMI: Tuesday, 10:00 am EST: The U.S. manufacturing sector improved strongly in July reaching 57.1 points following 55.3 points in June. Economists expected a reading of 56.1. US Manufacturing remained in expansion territory for 14 consecutive months. New orders advanced to 63.4, rising 4. points from June’s reading of 58.9. Production edged up to 61.2, from 60 and the employment soared to 58.2, up 5.4 points from June’s reading of 53.   A slight drop to 57 is forecasted this time. 
  • Australian GDP: Wednesday, 9:30 pm EST:. Australia’s economy expanded 1.1% in the first quarter beating expectations for a 0.9% growth rate. The high rise was explained by the unexpected growth to the mining, financial and insurance services and the construction boom. The rate of expansion in the last 12 months to March reached 3.5% indicating the economy is resilient. The RBA projects a growth rate of 2.75% for this year and a rise of 2.5% for 2015. Australia’s economy is predicted to expand 0.4% in the second quarter.
Wednesday, September 3rd:
Pre Market Earning - NAV, TOL, GIII, VNCE, EGAN
After Hours Earning - PVH, ABM, MTRX, DDC, SCVL, HRB, CBK, AVAV, BV
Economic calendar:

  • Canadian rate decision: Wednesday, 10:00 am EST: Canada’s central bank maintained its overnight rate target at 1% as it had been since September 2010. The Bank of Canada said global economic growth was subdued until April Monetary Policy Report, but is expected to pick up in the following months. In light of the lukewarm global outlook, Canada’s GDP is expected to be weaker than previously expected. However, the softer Canadian dollar and forecast for increases in global demand, are expected to expand exports leading to higher growth rate. Real GDP growth in Canada was expected to average around 2 ¼ % in 2014-16. Rates are expected to remain unchanged.
Thursday, September 4th:
Economic calendar:

  • Rate decision in Japan: Thursday. The Bank of Japan kept its record stimulus measures to increase the monetary base at an annual pace of 60 trillion yen to 70 trillion yen, after weak releases of production and export data. Exports weakened in June as well as retail sales. Japan’s economy shrank at an annual pace of 6.8% in the second quarter due to by a sales tax hike introduced in April and GDP contracted 1.7% from the first quarter.
  • Rate decision in the UK: Thursday, 7:00 am EST:. Bank of England policymakers decided to leave interest rates at 0.5% in their August meeting, however, for the first time in three years, two members unexpectedly voted to tighten policy and raise interest rates to 0.75%. The BoE lowered its forecasts for wage growth for 2014 saying it did not want to raise rates until stronger wage rises occur despite a decline in the unemployment rate which may lead to wage growth. Most of the MPC members said the inflation outlook was too weak to justify a rate hike despite a positive growth rate forecast in 2014.No change is expected now.
  • Rate decision in the Eurozone: Thursday 11:45, press conference at 12:30. Mario Draghi dropped the bomb in Jackson Hole, by acknowledging that low inflation is not only temporary, and that inflation expectations are falling. This raises expectations for action in September’s meeting. However, Draghi is likely to look for a wider consensus, especially from his German colleagues. In addition, the TLTROs come into effect this month, and this could lead the governing council to wait. Thenot too horrible inflation numbers are also a reason to wait now. Nevertheless, we can expect heavier hints about QE and more pressure to keep the euro down, if not even lower. Some also expect another rate cut, but this is unlikely now. Draghi’s words are set to rock the markets.
  • US ADP Non-Farm Employment Change: Thursday, 8:15 am EST:. U.S. employers hired 218,000 workers in July, posting the fourth months of private job growth beyond 200,000. However July’s reading was lower than the 234,000 reading anticipated by analysts and considerable bellow June’s rise of 281,000. Economists believe the economy will return to full employment by late 2016 if the pace of growth continues. Jobs in professional and business services increased by 61,000 in July, down from 79,000 in June, while positions in the trade, transportation and utilities category grew by 52,000 versus 56,000 in June.  An addition of 216,000 jobs is expected now.
  • US Trade Balance: Thursday, 8:30 am EST: The U.S. trade deficit narrowed in June to its lowest level since January contracting to a seasonally adjusted $41.5 billion, from $44.7 billion in May. The improvement occurred due to a fall in imports, led by lower shipments of cellphones, petroleum, and cars. Exports climbed 0.1% to $195.9 billion, a record high. While imports fell 1.2%, the most in a year, to $237.4 billion. The unexpected drop implies that growth was stronger in the second quarter than initially estimated. Americans are buying more U.S. products, increasing economic expansion. The economy grew at a 4% annual rate in the second quarter, but this estimate included higher trade deficit than was eventually registered in June. The U.S. trade deficit is expected to reach 42.5.
  • US Unemployment Claims: Thursday, 8:30 am EST:The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits declined by 1,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 298,000, indicating fewer layoffs and strong hiring. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, fell to 299,750. Employers are more confident in the economy therefore reduce dismissals. Employers added an average of 230,000 jobs a month this year, above the average of 195,000 in 2013. Average job gains since February have been the best in eight years. The number of jobless claims is expected tro increase by 298,000 this week.
  • US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI: Thursday, 10:00 am EST: Service sector activity in the U.S. soared in July to 58.7 from a reading of 56.0 in June, rising at the fastest rate in more than three years. The reading was better than the 56.6 estimated by analysts, suggesting a growth trend in the US economy and a positive outlook for the coming months. The Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index climbed to 62.4, from 57.5 posted in June, The New Orders Index registered 64.9, from 61.2 registered in June. The Employment Index edged up 1.6 points to 56 from the June reading of 54.4 and indicates growth for the fifth consecutive month. Service sector activity is expected to decline to 57.3.
Friday, September 5th:
Economic Calendar:

  • Canadian employment data: Friday, 8:30 am EST: Canadian job market rebounded in July with a 42,000 job increase, following a 10,000 decline in the previous month. The reading nearly doubled estimates for a 25,400 job addition. July’s labor market figures were distorted by an “isolated incident” due to “human error” at Statistics Canada. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate declined to 7% in July, from 7.1% reading in the previous month. Canada’s workforce is expected to expand by 10,300 positions while the unemployment rate is predicted to remain at 7%.
  • US Non-Farm Payrolls and Unemployment rate: Friday, 8:30 am EST: US nonfarm payrolls edged up 209,000 in July after an upwardly revised increase of 298K in June. The reading was worse than the 231,000 rise projected by analysts. However job growth remained above 200,000 in the last six months. The unemployment rate edged up to 6.2% from 6.1% a month earlier, due to an increase in the labor force. US nonfarm payrolls is expected to gain 222,000 jobs while the unemployment rate is expected to decline to 6.1%.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pre-Market Trading Ideas for August 29, 2014 : BIG,CSRE, MCHP, IPCI, ANFI, DDD, SPLK, OVTI, VEEV, RALY, DDD, TVIX, UVXY, AVGO, UEPS, USU, DGLY, JRJC

Tuesday Premarket Earning :

6200 vol for Sept 40 put vs 58 for $CONN, ER is on Tuesday. 

After Hours Earning:

20 Minutes of Day trade:
SPLK Short @52.50, KNDI Long, FEYE Long, EZCH Short, CRTO short @36.60

KNDI Long:
KNDI Day Trade Chart Set Up Chart


Trade Plan:

Volatile Stock (Risky Stock): USU, UEPS, DGLY, JRJC, SGOC, HGSH (Don’t hold it long for too long)

New IPO :
(pricing date)
(in mil)
Pricing range
Aug. 29Jun 20Armada Water Assets /
Provider of water supply, treatment, disposal, svcs to oil & gas indstry.
2.55.00 / 7.00Aegis Capital
Aug. 29Jun 10Capnia /
Maker of therapeutic & diagnostic prdcts.
Redwood City/
2.76.50 / 8.50Maxim Grp
Aug. 29Jun 24Zosano Pharma /
Transdermal microneedle patch drug delivery system.
6.410.00 / 12.00Wedbush

Chart of the day:

AAPL Chart 



Trade Plan:

Volatile Stock (Risky Stock): USU, UEPS, DGLY, JRJC, SGOC, HGSH (Don’t hold it long for too long)

News that matter:

Microchip confirms preliminary discussions with CSR plc (MCHP)

Intellipharmaceutics Intl augments its Rexista ocycodone development program with novel overdose deterrence technology (IPCI)

 Amira Nature Foods beats by $0.10, beats on revs; reaffirms FY15 revs guidance (ANFI) 

OmniVision reports Q1 (Jul) results, beats on revs; guides Q2 EPS in-line, revs in-line (OVTI)

 Rally Software Development beats by $0.10, beats on revs; guides Q3 EPS in-line, revs below consensus; guides FY15 EPS above consensus, revs in-line (RALY)

Splunk beats by $0.03, beats on revs; guides Q3 revs above consensus; guides FY15 revs above consensus (SPLK)

Veeva Systems beats by $0.02, beats on revs; guides Q3 above consensus; raises FY15 guidance (VEEV) 

Pacific Sunwear reports EPS in-line, beats on revs; guides Q3 EPS below consensus, revs in-line; comps +0.03% (PSUN)

3D Systems sees Simbionix acquisition immediately accretive (DDD)

OmniVision reports Q1 Non-GAAP EPS 91c, consensus 53c . Reports Q1 revenue $406.5M, consensus $382.83M, sees Q2 Non-GAAP EPS 43c-59c, consensus 49c (OVTI)

Net 1 UEPS sees FY15 fundamental EPS at least $1.92, one estimate $1.62 (UEPS)

Avago sees Q4 revenue up 18%-22%, consensus $1.42B (AVGO)

Cellular Dynamics awarded U.S. patent for human pluripotent stem cells production (ICEL)

After Hour Gainers / Losers
Top gainers: UEPS +18.0%. VEEV +13.2%. SPLK +8.9%. ANFI +7.8%. LACO +3.8%.

Top losers: USU -8.2%. CTLT -4.7%. PSUN -4.4%. UVXY -3.0%. TVIX -1.8%.

Earnings before market open:

Big Lots, Inc. ( BIG ) is reporting for the quarter ending July 31, 2014. The discount retail company's consensus earnings per share forecast from the 10 analysts that follow the stock is $0.30. This value represents a 3.23% decrease compared to the same quarter last year. BIG missed the consensus earnings per share in the 4th calendar quarter of 2013 by -100%.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pre-Market Trading Ideas for August 28, 2014 : WSM, GES, SGMO, FEYE, CERG, WDAY, TD, DG, ANF, CSTM, GCO, SFL, COTY, TAX, GASS, DXLG

Earning Play After Hours:
TickerMarket CapDividendEPS Q/QInsider TransInst TransShort RatioPerf MonthPerf QuartPriceChangeVolume

20 Minutes of Day Trade:
Don't follow this trade. This are closed. Stock could have moved significantly from closed position. This is not buy or sell recommendation.

BITA Long:
Bita Long:

TUBE Short:
TUBE Short
RPRX Short:
RPRX Short

Day Trade Watchlist: 


Premarket Summary:
Digital Ally (DGLY), up 16% after announcing order from Michigan State Police for over $1.1M.

EnteroMedics (ETRM), up 12.4% after reporting three-year data from Maestro RC system.

Repros (RPRX), up 0.8% after Androxal achieves superiority in both co-primary endpoints in a study.

Synthetic Biologics (SYN), up 2.7% after Pfizer (PFE) was granted FDA Fast Track designation for its investigational Clostridium difficile vaccine candidate. Synthetic Biologics announced earlier this week that SYN-004, the company's lead anti-infective product candidate for the prevention of the effects of C. difficile, will be presented in October.

Signet (SIG), up 3.9% after Q2 revenue tops consensus.

DOWN AFTER EARNINGS: Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF), down 5.7%... Guess (GES), down 8.3%... Frontline (FRO), down 7%. ALSO LOWER: Williams-Sonoma (WSM), down 10.9% after downgraded at Morgan Stanley following the company's Q2 earnings report... GT Advanced (GTAT), down 2% after downgraded at Raymond James... Sungy Mobile (GOMO), down 20.1% following earnings report, CFO resignation, downgrade of stock at Oppenheimer... Genesco (GCO), down 7.7% after cutting fiscal year forecast

Chart of the day:

WSM Day Trade Set Up

WDAY Day Trade Chart Set Up


UVXY Day Trade Chart Set Up

AAPL Day Chart Set Up

News that matter:
Williams-Sonoma reports EPS in-line, revs in-line; guides Q3 EPS below consensus, revs in-line; guides FY15 EPS below consensus, revs in-line (WSM) 

Violin Memory beats by $0.02, misses on revs; non-GAAP gross margin of 55% vs 52% in prior qtr (VMEM) 

Guess? misses by $0.03, misses on revs; guides Q3 EPS below consensus, revs below consensus; guides FY15 EPS below consensus, revs below consensus (GES) 

Workday beats by $0.03, beats on revs; guides Q3 revs above consensus; raises FY15 revs above consensus (WDAY) 

China Recycling Energy: Chairman Guohua Ku has entered into a share purchase agreement to purchase ~13.83 mln shares at $1.37/share (CREG)

Gordmans Stores misses by $0.01, misses on revs; guides Q3 below consensus; comps (6.8%) vs (2.6%) prior year (GMAN)

Bally Technologies misses by $0.01, reports slight beat on revs (BYI)

Tilly's reports EPS in-line, revs in-line; guides Q3 EPS below consensus; comp store sales decreased 7.1%, sees Q3 comp sales declining mid single digits (TLYS)

21Vianet misses by $0.05, beats on revs (VNET)

Economic Calendar:
  • US Unemployment Claims: Thursday, 8:30 am EST: US Jobless claims fell by 14,000 to 298,000 last week showing the labor market is making progress hand in hand with the growth momentum in the US economy. Last week’s reading was much better than the 302,000 reading expected by analysts. The four week average of claims, a less volatile measure than the weekly figures, increased to 300,750 last week from 296,000. The number of people on jobless benefit rolls dropped by 49,000 to 2.5 million in the week ended Aug. 9, posting the lowest level since June 2007. Jobless claims are predicted to rise 299,000 this week.
  • US Pending Home Sales: Thursday, 10:00 am EST: The number of contracts to buy previously owned homes declined 1.1% in June, following a 6.0% gain in May, worse than the 0.2% decline forecasted by analysts. The unexpected fall indicates residential housing is struggling to gain momentum. Limited availability of credit and sluggish wage growth were the main cause for this setback, making it harder for potential buyers to close real estate deals. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has underlined the sluggish state of the housing market. Analysts believe, the housing market will not get better until a more substantial improvement will occur in the labor market and wage growth. Pending Home Sales are expected to rise 0.6%.

After Hours Movers

Top Gaining Stocks

SLHSolera Holdings67.1712.08%
ATNMActinium Pharms In...6.9510.49%
CCURConcurrent Compute...7.558.95%
TKMRTekmira Pharmaceut...21.257.59%
AMAGAmag Pharmaceutica...24.007.24%
PSTIPluristem Therapeu...3.006.38%
DGIDigitalglobe Inc32.006.35%
VIMCVimicro Internatio...4.406.02%
DRAMDataram Corporatio...3.075.87%
RTRXRetrophin Inc14.285.70%
WATTEnergous Corp13.005.69%
TRMRTremor Video3.195.28%
CWSTCasella Waste Syst...5.005.26%
MNDLMandalay Digital G...5.485.18%
MOVMovado Group Inc. ...40.714.96%
KZKongzhong Corp Adr...8.554.91%
APTAlpha Pro Tech Ltd...3.054.81%
HEIHeico Corp.54.304.73%
VNCEVince Holding Corp...37.394.72%
BOBEBob Evans Farms In...47.874.58%

Top Losing Stocks

GOMOSungy Mobile Ltd. ...8.14-21.73%
EVOKEvoke Pharma Inc5.95-11.46%
WSMWilliams-sonoma In...66.39-11.35%
VMEMViolin Memory3.76-10.26%
TRSTrimas Corporation...29.09-9.09%
GESGuess? Inc.23.80-7.18%
BUDAnheuser-busch Inb...105.00-6.18%
PBIPitney Bowes Inc. ...25.34-6.11%
GMANGordmans Stores In...3.73-5.81%
BANCBanc of California...11.50-5.66%
DPSDr Pepper Snapple ...58.64-5.14%
BDSIBiodelivery Scienc...14.69-5.13%
INXXEgshares India Inf...13.05-5.02%
VGVonage Holdings3.23-4.30%
GBIMGlobeimmune Inc9.32-4.16%
ATAIAta Inc. Adr (spon...4.45-4.09%
CLUBTown Sports Intern...5.09-4.05%
SRIStoneridge Inc.11.77-4.05%
SMLRSemler Scientific ...3.45-3.90%

This is what's included in our Newsletter

August 27th Plan Premarket:
Trade Plan:
TIF (L), DCI (L), EXPR (L), TUBE (S), ARUN (L first half and S later from $22’s), SWHC (L
first half let it fade first ), TIVO (S from 12.30), NMBL(L), ADI (L), BOBE (L), BMRN (S) (L
is long and S is Short), MBLY L, BRCM