Top alert for 2014: MYGN (50%), LIVE (45%), CTIC (115%), KOOL (88%), PZG (32%), GOLD (6%), IOC (6%), RSOL(18%), PLUG (70%), IMMU (26%)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Another European Clinic Accepts Dentacoin: CONTIDENT, Hungary

The transition period 2017-2018 was marked by significant progress for Dentacoin. For a little more than a month (since Dec 1, 2017), the Dentacoin user network has grown tremendously with over 3500 newly registered users on the Dentacoin tools. The market responded to the current developments with series of achievements: Dentacoin reached a new all-time high and crossed a value of $0.005, the 24 h trading volume surpassed $50 million, a market cap of over $2 billion was achieved, assuring DCN a rank in top 30 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.
With Dentacoin (DCN) being already actively used in the daily workflow at partner clinics in Europe and Asia, and considering the developments mentioned above, the interest from the industry is growing accordingly. Since 1st of Dec 2017, over 1700 dentists/ dental practice owners/ dental medicine students globally reached out to us, eager to learn more about Dentacoin.
Today we are glad to announce that another European clinic joins the Dentacoin Network: CONTIDENT in Budapest, Hungary!
CONTIDENT has just added Dentacoin as one of the accepted means of payment, next to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. “The blockchain sphere actually is not my home. I started getting familiar with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency only a year ago but I am fascinated by the influence it could have around the world. I believe Dentacoin creates a win-win situation for dental clinics and patients”, explains Lorand Gergely, Client Service Manager at CONTIDENT.
CONTIDENT dental clinic seeks to provide their patients with a high-quality service on favorable prices, combining the advances in digital technology with proper customer service. The clinic is specialized in aesthetic dentistry and dental implantology. An experienced team assures painless treatments, often completed within just 3-5 days. As a location, Budapest adds up to the clinic attractiveness to abroad patients.
Hungary has its strategic position on the European market.
The country of the new Dentacoin partner clinic has become a flagship dental tourism destination in Europe, together with countries like Bulgaria and Poland. Hungary attracts patients from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Switzerland and the UK, owing to affordable treatment costs and flights from across Europe, a wide-range of advanced dental treatments, and modern, up-to-date facilities, combined with thermal spa resorts and tourist attractions.
“Cost savings are the key factor for over 70 thousand patients choosing Hungary for their dental treatments each year. Having the opportunity to pay in Dentacoin, would provide patients with additional benefits due to the possibility of earning DCN through the developed tools. It also spares the need of exchanging different fiat currencies with high fees, commissions, etc. We are glad to have our first partner clinic, located in Hungary. From a strategic point of view, it is highly relevant for us Dentacoin to be accepted at two of the main dental tourism destinations – Hungary and Bulgaria (ed. Dentacoin is accepted at SWISS Dentaprime Clinic in Varna, Bulgaria since March 2017)”, comments Tihomir Petrov, Business Developer at Dentacoin.
CONTIDENT is the fifth dental clinic which accepts Dentacoin as means of payment.
The other partner clinics include: F3T Dental Clinic (London, United Kingdom), Swiss Dentaprime (Varna, Bulgaria), Dentech Dental Care (Pune, India), Mr. iTeeth (Taipei City, Taiwan).

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thursday, December 28, 2017

App of the month: Heleum is an automated app that grows your money.

What Is Heleum?

Heleum is an automated app that grows your money over the long-term by letting it float into rising currencies. First, you create and add money to an account on Uphold is an online wallet that helps you store your money in many different currencies. Then, you allow Heleum to access your account. Heleum will instruct Uphold to trade bits of your money into other currencies. Heleum later converts your money back into dollars, plus whatever gains it has earned for you.

100% automated and easy

You can use this link to open your account

ACH Transfer is free. 
Withdrawl is $3.99


    • Heleum divides and launches a user's available funds into "balloons."
    • Heleum watches the exchange rates between currencies and moves the funds inside a balloon when it's most advantageous.
    • When it becomes most advantageous to move back to the base currency, this forces the balloon to "pop" and realize the overall gain.
    • Balloons will normally pop within 1-3 months at gains above 2%.
    • Instead of exchanging in regular binary pairs (eg. US dollar to British pound, and back to US dollar), your funds follow paths like: US dollar to bitcoin to euro to litecoin to bitcoin, and back to US dollar, with relative gains at each step.
    • You can withdraw funds any time. Withdrawing funds before balloons are popped will return funds from the currently highest floating balloon first, but may also prevent a balloon from achieving its goal of, at minimum, a 2% gain. It may even force a loss from the lowest currently floating balloons.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Weekly Gainer and Loser: LJPC, AA, VIPS, HRTX, APOG, GNC, DDD, SCG, PCG

This week's top 20 % gainers
  • Healthcare: LJPC (31.42 +31.39%), AMRN (4.1 +20.8%), IMMU (14.56 +19.05%), HRTX (18.45 +18.65%)
  • Materials: AKG (0.64 +39.75%), AA (49.99 +17.32%)
  • Industrials: ERJ (24.1 +23.46%), SSW (7.1 +20.54%)
  • Consumer Discretionary: VIPS (12.21 +44.67%), ASNA (2.39 +18.91%)
  • Energy: CIE (0.73 +120.15%), GNRT (6.22 +44.32%), DNR (2.01 +24.84%), SN (5.33 +20.59%), EPE (2.09 +20.11%), GTE (2.74 +18.61%), KEG (12.35 +18.07%), NBR (6.45 +17.7%)
  • Consumer Staples: BETR (12.14 +73.43%)
  • Telecommunication Services: NIHD (0.36 +45.88%)
This week's top 20 % losers
  • Healthcare: NVAX (1.15 -16.67%), MNKD (2.43 -13.52%), LCI (24.05 -13.02%), TXMD (5.84 -11.78%)
  • Materials: NAK (1.84 -14.81%)
  • Industrials: ERII (8.97 -11.63%), APOG (43.74 -9.44%)
  • Consumer Discretionary: GNC (3.72 -23.61%), BOJA (11.45 -10.2%), ICON (1.34 -9.46%)
  • Information Technology: GLUU (3.64 -18.31%), P (4.69 -9.63%), DDD (9.52 -8.46%)
  • Energy: SDRL (0.24 -10.43%), MDR (6.77 -8.88%)
  • Telecommunication Services: FTR (6.97 -13.8%)
  • Utilities: PCG (44.57 -15.98%), SCG (39.01 -12.18%), PPL (31.13 -8.36%)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Experience of trading litecoin, bitcoin, and ethereum on coinbase.

Last week I posted link to open account with coinbase
Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin can be purchased

After opening account, initially it took 2 days to login due to their 2 step verification system were down.  In order to buy/sell, it asked to verify bank in which they randomly deducted -2.00  (plus) to verify  bank. (I haven't received that amount back). The set up was tedious.  Buying Bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum was easy as they can be purchased with debit card.

I decided to buy litecoin paid $236 in two transaction, when litecoin was trading at $124 but ended up paying $1.00 each in fee and

First transaction statement +0.73575676 LTC
@ $131.28 per LTC

Fee  $1.00
Subtotal: $96.59
Total: $100

Second transaction statement +1.00104353 LTC
@ $131.57 per LTC
Fee  $1.00
Subtotal: $131.71
Total: $136

Now the issue is subtotal and fee don't match up.
Bank statement showed $136 and $100 charges plus $3.00 and $4.08 additional charges, which mean they are charging extra hidden fee.

Customer support is not there to give any answer unless account is hacked.

There is constant outage in their system and prices open lower or higher randomly.

I bought litecoin for $236 (-10 hidden fee) and sold for $600 still making $354 in 4 day.

Overall coinbase lack transparency, unable to get support and continuous system failure are major turnoff in trading cryptocurrency.  I wouldnt recommend to trade unless the price is really cheap and trade with the wave.