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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

USA will hit 1M coronavirus covid-19 positive case sooner then earlier projection, more then 50,000 lives will be lost before April 26.

I posted on April 12th, USA will hit 1M coronavirus covid-19 positive case on April 26th and 50,000 deaths on April 28th. USA positive case projection are running ahead of my model, which was projecting 604,419 cases vs 611,156 today. Yesterday projection for positive case was 56,640, but it came 586,941. If the number of testing site are increased, number of positive cases are expected to exceed more then 4,395,315. 

USA lost 2284 lives that single largest death due to Covid-19 anywhere in the world The projection for today was 25,683, and its already 25,924. The death rate has increased to 4.24% vs 4.04% yesterday. If nothing is done to prevent this, we may lose 220,520 lives by August 1st. The IHME model which WH is using  is now projecting 68,841 deaths by August 1st which I think is incorrect.

We stay home orders are lifted soon, this number will only increase dramatically.

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