Top alert for 2014: MYGN (50%), LIVE (45%), CTIC (115%), KOOL (88%), PZG (32%), GOLD (6%), IOC (6%), RSOL(18%), PLUG (70%), IMMU (26%)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

End of the day analysis for VG, KOOL, VRNG, FIO

KOOL alert was issued at @1.72, at the peak it hit $3.24 twice which is roughly 88% move.

VG chart was issued at $4.27, at peak it hit $4.84, and closed at $4.57 which is 7% move for the close.
VG  spike generated before breakout. VG chart was posted  at $4.27, at the peak it hit $ 4.84 and it closed at $4.57
VRNG chart was issued at $3.52 At the peak it $4.14  and it closed at $3.80 (Move range 7 % - 17%)
VRNG spike generated before breakout.
FIO chart was issued at 9.15 At peak it hit $9.70 and it closed at $9.42 (Move range   3% - 8%)
FIO spike generated before breakout.  At peak it hit $9.70  and closed at $9.42

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