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Sunday, April 12, 2020

USA will hit 1M coronavirus covid-19 positive case on April 26th and 50,000 deaths on April 28th.

Based on the current trend, USA will hit 1M positive Coronavirus Covid -19 case on April 26th. 
Here is timeline of positive case.
January 21:  1 case
March 3rd: 100 cases
March 11th: 1,000 cases
March 19th: 10,000 cases
March 24th: 50,000 cases
March 27th: 100,000 cases
March 30th: 150,000 cases
April 1st: 200,000 cases
April 3rd: 250,000 cases
April 5th: 300,000 cases
April 7th: 350,000 cases
April 9th: 400,000 cases
April  10th: 450,000 cases
April 11th: 500,000 cases
April 12th: 550,000 cases

USA will hit 50,000 death on April 28th, its standing at 21,816 as of April 4th, 2020.
Here is timeline for deaths:
February 29th: 1st death
March 17th: 100 deaths
March 25th: 1,000 deaths
April 1st: 5,000 deaths
April 6th: 10,000 deaths
April 9th: 15,000 deaths
April 11th: 20,000 deaths

This are not just numbers, its real lives, and families losing their loved one's. Any misstep now by any Governor or President will ruin the effort put in by 90% American, first responders and doctors and nurses. 

It should be mandatory to wear mask, and googles as virus can enter through, eyes, nose and mouth.

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