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Monday, April 25, 2016

Dont fight the FED, ECB or BOJ. : SPY, DIA, UVXY, XIV

Dont fight the FED, ECB or BOJ. Dont be surprised if market rallies and gap up tomorrow.

EURO operations
Ref.TypeSettlement dateMaturity dateDaysAllotted amount
20160035MRO20/04/201627/04/2016754.02 bn
20160029LTRO31/03/201630/06/20169110.25 bn
20160026LTRO30/03/201626/09/20189107.34 bn
20160017LTRO25/02/201626/05/20169113.65 bn
20160008LTRO28/01/201628/04/20169113.56 bn
20150125LTRO16/12/201526/09/2018101518.3 bn
20150097LTRO30/09/201526/09/2018109215.55 bn
20150065LTRO24/06/201526/09/2018119073.79 bn
20150034LTRO25/03/201526/09/2018128197.85 bn
20140242LTRO17/12/201426/09/20181379129.84 bn
20140189LTRO24/09/201426/09/2018146382.6 bn

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