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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Premarket Trading Ideas for April 27th: UVXY, TZA, UWTI, DUST, NUGT, GLD

Fed FOMC result will be announced at 2 pm EST, after which UVXY is most likely to fade and so might nugt incase fed increases interest rate. DUST is other stock to watch.

Economic Calendar:
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
04:00  EURM3 Money Supply (YoY) (Mar) 5.0%5.0% 
04:00  EURPrivate Sector Loans (YoY) 1.7%1.6% 
07:00  USDMBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate  3.83% 
07:00  USDMBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)  1.3% 
07:00  USDMBA Purchase Index  240.8 
07:00  USDMortgage Market Index  526.8 
07:00  USDMortgage Refinance Index  2,177.4 
08:30  USDGoods Trade Balance (Mar) -62.50B-62.86B 
10:00  USDPending Home Sales (MoM) (Mar) 0.5%3.5% 
10:00  USDPending Home Sales Index (Mar)  109.1 
10:30  USDCrude Oil Inventories 2.366M2.080M 
10:30  USDCrude Oil Imports  0.247M 
10:30  USDCushing Crude Oil Inventories  -0.248M 
10:30  USDDistillate Fuel Production  -0.072M 
10:30  USDEIA Weekly Distillates Stocks -0.314M-3.554M 
10:30  USDGasoline Production  0.170M 
10:30  USDHeating Oil Stockpiles  0.405M 
10:30  USDGasoline Inventories -0.400M-0.110M 
14:00  USDFOMC Statement      
14:00  USDFed Interest Rate Decision 0.50%0.50%

Overbought Stock:
Oversold Stock:
Most Volatile Stock:
Earning Watchlist:
TickerMarket CapFloat ShortPerf MonthPerf YTDPriceChangeVolumeEarnings
FB317.62B1.20%-4.34%3.92%108.76-1.22%22,272,749Apr 27/a
CMCSA147.68B1.05%2.05%9.15%61.050.08%8,772,991Apr 27/b
GSK104.07B0.16%7.99%9.23%42.71-0.61%3,019,230Apr 27
UTX88.50B2.62%5.95%9.90%104.80-0.38%5,505,306Apr 27/b
BA86.54B4.23%1.49%-7.00%133.241.90%6,092,945Apr 27/b
SAN73.78B0.06%14.57%6.29%5.114.29%5,622,162Apr 27
MDLZ65.72B1.03%8.23%-4.81%42.500.57%8,463,985Apr 27/b
TickerMarket CapFloat ShortPerf MonthPerf YTDPriceChangeVolumeEarnings
RES3.09B43.60%4.13%20.17%14.360.91%3,884,344Apr 27/b
WLL2.17B24.77%55.86%21.19%11.443.34%26,911,378Apr 27/a
NE2.77B20.40%6.62%10.53%11.434.38%10,848,590Apr 27/a
MAR17.49B20.27%-6.08%0.32%67.000.03%4,443,936Apr 27/a
OCN337.40M9.66%13.36%-59.83%2.801.45%2,006,250Apr 27/a
ESV3.18B9.38%8.21%-24.55%11.602.93%8,641,767Apr 27/a
SC4.22B9.22%33.45%-25.24%11.85-0.42%3,538,638Apr 27/b
ADT6.94B8.24%1.48%28.19%41.960.07%7,879,169Apr 27/b
CDE1.12B8.00%30.51%186.29%7.103.35%2,743,864Apr 27/a
SNDK15.25B7.42%0.15%-0.26%75.790.16%2,291,471Apr 27/a
TGNA5.22B7.21%2.21%-5.34%24.020.08%2,167,136Apr 27/b
GT8.82B6.18%2.44%0.58%32.781.74%2,387,584Apr 27/b

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