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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Premarket report and Resistance level FOR JANUARY 7TH: DOW JONES, S&P500, UVXY, GOOG, AAPL, HLF, XIV, TZA, FAS, GLD, SLV, ILMN

Dow Jones and S&P500 is again expected to open low on the basis of chart. But its crazy market, things changes in future market. Rest of the day market is expected to remain flat till AA reports earning  on Tuesday after close. Rest of the month direction depends on the earning report.  Avoid earning play, its going to be very tricky. US is at risk of default everyday till debt ceiling is not raised, so becareful if you are long term holder. Main stream media is biased and won't report about it. There is no hard deadline but as long as Treasury doesn't say officially its defaulted, US financial market will survive.

There is no economic data out of US.  Watchout ILMN, SVU, GLD, SLV movement.
Dow Jones Monthly chart with weekly analysis.
Dow Jones Resistance Level:
R313,639.55Fib R313,558.03Brk Out Long13,513.43
R213,559.46Fib R213,505.41Short13,474.32
R113,497.33Fib R113,471.28HL213,461.28
S113,355.11Fib S113,363.19LL113,422.17
S213,275.02Fib S213,329.06LL213,409.14
S313,212.89Fib S313,276.44Long13,396.10
Brk Out Short13,356.99

S&P500 Resistance Level:
R31,478.89Fib R31,473.33Brk Out Long1,471.39
R21,473.42Fib R21,470.02Short1,468.93
R11,469.94Fib R11,467.87HL21,468.11
S11,460.99Fib S11,461.07LL11,465.65
S21,455.52Fib S21,458.92LL21,464.83
S31,452.04Fib S31,455.61Long1,464.01
Brk Out Short1,461.55

AAPL Resistance Level:
R3547.94Fib R3543.16Brk Out Long534.04
R2543.29Fib R2538.42Short530.52
R1535.14Fib R1535.35HL2529.35
S1522.34Fib S1525.62LL1525.83
S2517.69Fib S2522.55LL2524.65
S3509.54Fib S3517.81Long523.48
Brk Out Short519.96
Google Resistance Level:
R3757.52Fib R3749.36Brk Out Long745.55
R2749.50Fib R2744.26Short741.76
R1743.73Fib R1740.95HL2740.50
S1729.94Fib S1730.47LL1736.71
S2721.92Fib S2727.16LL2735.44
S3716.15Fib S3722.05Long734.18
Brk Out Short730.39
DIA Resistance Level:
R3135.05Fib R3134.62Brk Out Long134.45
R2134.63Fib R2134.36Short134.26
R1134.34Fib R1134.19HL2134.19
S1133.63Fib S1133.65LL1133.99
S2133.21Fib S2133.48LL2133.93
S3132.92Fib S3133.21Long133.86
Brk Out Short133.67

GLD Resistance Level:
R3162.82Fib R3161.71Brk Out Long161.40
R2161.73Fib R2161.07Short160.92
R1161.08Fib R1160.65HL2160.76
S1159.34Fib S1159.33LL1160.28
S2158.25Fib S2158.91LL2160.12
S3157.60Fib S3158.26Long159.96
Brk Out Short159.48

SLV Resistance Level:
R330.18Fib R329.73Brk Out Long29.62
R229.74Fib R229.48Short29.43
R129.49Fib R129.31HL229.37
S128.80Fib S128.79LL129.18
S228.36Fib S228.62LL229.11
S328.11Fib S328.37Long29.05
Brk Out Short28.86

HLF Resistance Level:
R340.33Fib R338.84Brk Out Long38.32
R238.87Fib R237.95Short37.66
R137.93Fib R137.38HL237.44
S135.53Fib S135.55LL136.78
S234.07Fib S234.98LL236.56
S333.13Fib S334.09Long36.34
Brk Out Short35.68

UVXY Resistance Level:
R316.76Fib R316.40Brk Out Long15.80
R216.41Fib R216.07Short15.55
R115.86Fib R115.86HL215.47
S114.96Fib S115.17LL115.22
S214.61Fib S214.96LL215.14
S314.06Fib S314.62Long15.05
Brk Out Short14.81

FAS Resistance Level:
R3141.03Fib R3137.66Brk Out Long136.81
R2137.72Fib R2135.74Short135.38
R1135.83Fib R1134.49HL2134.90
S1130.63Fib S1130.54LL1133.47
S2127.32Fib S2129.29LL2133.00
S3125.43Fib S3127.37Long132.52
Brk Out Short131.09

XIV Resistance Level:
R319.55Fib R319.24Brk Out Long19.12
R219.25Fib R219.05Short18.98
R119.04Fib R118.93HL218.93
S118.53Fib S118.54LL118.79
S218.23Fib S218.42LL218.75
S318.02Fib S318.23Long18.70
Brk Out Short18.56

ILMN Resistance Level:

R356.96Fib R356.47Brk Out Long55.50
R256.48Fib R255.97Short55.13
R155.62Fib R155.65HL255.01
S154.28Fib S154.63LL154.64
S253.80Fib S254.31LL254.51
S352.94Fib S353.81Long54.39
Brk Out Short54.02

Earning Calendar:
Company NameTimeTranscriptWall St
EPS Est($)
TEAM INC  TISI After Market CloseN/A0.60N/A
ZEP INC  ZEP Before OpenN/A0.18N/A

Economic Calendar:
4:30EURSentix Indicatormed-14.2-16.8
19:00EUREU Commissioner Rehn to attend economic summit in Berlinmed

After Hour Gainer and Loser:

Percentage Gainers
LastChg% ChgHighLow
Optimer PharmaceuticalsOPTR
VelocityShares 3x Inverse Silver ETN linked to the S&P GSCI Silver Inverse Index ERDSLV
27.870.76 2.8127.8727.10
Amicus TherapeuticsFOLD
3.670.09 2.513.733.25
GenMark DiagnosticsGNMK
9.430.20 2.139.458.91
JDS UniphaseJDSU
14.100.27 1.9514.5013.79
Eagle Bulk ShippingEGLE
2.300.04 1.772.311.81
2.990.05 1.703.012.62
8.550.14 1.668.558.41
RPM InternationalRPM
31.000.50 1.6431.0030.35
Percentage Decliners
IssueSymbolVolumeLastChg% ChgHighLow
Mindspeed TechnologiesMSPD7,467$4.41-0.40-8.32 $4.81$4.37
Capitol Federal FinancialCFFN40,64811.31-0.55-4.64 11.8611.31
GenpactG29,99015.46-0.65-4.03 16.1115.46
Protective LifePL13,08729.19-1.07-3.54 30.2629.19
Pacific Premier BancorpPPBI20,00010.25-0.24-2.29 10.5710.25
Brinker InternationalEAT6,95032.32-0.70-2.12 33.0232.32
Signature BankSBNY7,34272.40-1.40-1.90 73.8070.18
Hercules OffshoreHERO145,5996.44-0.11-1.67 6.615.97

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