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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

USA will lose more then 50,000 lives due to covid-19 on April 23rd and jobless claim will be over 5.5M

As of today, total positive cases are 819,164. The mortality rate is 5.53% with 45,340 lost lives. The recovery rate is 10.10% which 82, 973. deaths 45,340.  The rate of death is unfortunately rising rapidly. According to my model, USA is currently on a pace of 1 M positive cases by April 27th. We will be losing more then 50,000 lives on April 23rd. Same day jobless claim will hit new high with 5.5M filing making a total of 28M out of work.  

USA daily death rate again hit new high.

According my projection, USA will hit 1M case on April 28th and by August 1st 4,395,315 will be tested positive only if we can have testing kit by then. Also, number of lives lost will be more then 220,520 on August 1st, 2020.

WH is wrong by predicting 60,000 death by August 1st. Infact the model used by them now project 65,976 deaths which is lower then 68,841 deaths projected from earlier forecast. Here is the link IHME is projecting 59,005 death on May 1st, and between May 1st - August 4th, they are expecting 6,971 deaths.Their model is just flawed. 

Some states are lifting restriction but they are indirectly they are treating people of their states as rats in a lab because they are ignoring social distance rule completely by lifting restriction for hair salon, gym, nail spa. There has to be balance between opening economy but safety of the people. Two month of no work is better then losing life forever think about the docotrs, nurses who have been living in isolation and working day and night to save lives. Just because bed are empty in hospital doesnt we need to fill them.

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