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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Daily case and Deaths from Coronavirus is rising again in USA yet WH keep lying.

WH coronavirus task force briefing is all about self appreciation and lies. They keep saying cases are going down and its safe to open economy. As of today, there are 848,994 positive cases, and deaths are at  47,676. US is still at high risk and because some counties and states are getting restless and encouraged by the president, the number of cases and deaths isnt going to go away soon. 

This government has no plans except hiding the fact and lying daily. What people want to hear is from health official and CDC. Let the health expert guide and decide whats steps people should take and Government should focus on helping common people rather then big cooperation and wall streets. 

The $1200 stimulus check isnt enough. They all need to come with the plan of waiving off mortgage, rent, electricity, gas, credit cards, insurance, and loan depending on the severity of cases and deaths for each states and counties and lets say they are closed for 30 days then waive off this 30 days. All the states and counties doesnt have to be treated in same way. Provide the help where its needed most. 

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