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Friday, April 29, 2016

Premarket Trading Ideas for May 2nd: JD, GPRO, SVXY, ANFI, FIT

Acad will be sell the news stock.

Economic Calendar:
Sunday, May 1, 2016
21:45  CNYCaixin Manufacturing PMI (Apr)49.7
22:00  JPYManufacturing PMI (Apr)48.0
Monday, May 2, 2016
All DayHolidayChina - Labour Day
04:00  EURManufacturing PMI (Apr)51.551.5
09:45  USDManufacturing PMI (Apr)50.8
10:00  USDConstruction Spending (MoM) (Mar)0.5%-0.5%
10:00  USDISM Manufacturing Employment (Apr)49.048.1
10:00  USDISM Manufacturing New Orders Index (Apr)58.3
10:00  USDISM Manufacturing PMI (Apr)51.451.8
10:00  USDISM Manufacturing Prices (Apr)52.051.5
21:45  CNYCaixin Manufacturing PMI (Apr)49.949.7

Earning Watchlist:
TickerMarket CapFloat ShortPerf MonthPerf YTDPriceChangeVolumeEarnings
ARRY455.64M13.49%8.14%-24.41%3.19-0.62%1,661,478May 02/b
DO3.33B12.00%11.64%14.98%24.26-0.12%3,700,472May 02/b
NNN6.20B5.43%-4.34%11.48%43.76-1.29%1,147,097May 02/b
ONB1.52B8.81%9.93%-0.02%13.401.52%4,797,782May 02/b
PCRX2.00B20.28%2.13%-29.54%54.11-2.59%1,273,380May 02/b
RACE8.79B5.20%9.95%-4.48%45.851.89%1,267,304May 02
OLN3.95B8.50%25.45%28.14%21.79-0.23%2,849,928May 02/a
SHO2.78B5.45%-8.50%2.95%12.81-2.14%2,491,339May 02/a
THC3.14B10.61%9.54%4.59%31.69-1.77%1,690,794May 02/a
MACK835.86M25.67%-15.41%-10.38%7.08-2.88%1,186,477May 02/a
MRC1.39B7.54%6.39%8.37%13.982.64%1,808,994May 02/a
FMC5.77B7.78%7.16%11.00%43.26-0.60%1,563,678May 02/a
FTK515.46M18.69%28.92%-17.40%9.450.64%1,263,301May 02/a
CYH2.12B11.30%3.08%-28.08%19.08-4.50%3,452,883May 02/a

Overbought stock: they are most likely continue to rally
Oversold stock: they are most likely continue to sell.

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