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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pharma Stock at 52 week look: ANTH, AEZS, VTUS, BIOD,ARQL, DCTH, IDIX, APPY, AVEO, OMER

Here is a list of stock that is at 52 week low. Do your research on this stock, some can be big winner and some can file bankruptcy. So becareful playing this stock.  My pick are ANTH, AEZS, VTUS, BIOD,ARQL, DCTH, IDIX, APPY, AVEO, OMER, AMRN, MNKD, ITMN, IMGN.

OMER  1st Quarter 2013 Phase 3
Company , Ticker, Market cap, 52 week %, Last Price
Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc  (March 31st phase 3)ANTH$52.59M-91.740.66
Tranzyme Inc  TZYM$14.35M-87.130.52
Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd.  CHTP$54.35M-81.860.81
Oncothyreon Inc (USA)  ONTY$115.52M-73.662.02
AEterna Zentaris Inc. (USA)  March 31st phase 3AEZS$73.20M-73.242.89
Cell Therapeutics Inc  CTIC$139.67M-72.571.44
Ventrus Biosciences Inc  2013VTUS$32.21M-71.992.49
Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  PGNX$98.02M-71.642.89
Biodel Inc   9/30/2013 phase 2BIOD$38.28M-69.232.76
Stereotaxis Inc  STXS$17.68M-69.182.25
Opexa Therapeutics Inc.  OPXA$7.09M-69.061.23
MAKO Surgical Corp.  MAKO$482.70M-68.7511.24
BG Medicine, Inc.  BGMD$42.64M-68.722.08
Telik, Inc.  TELK$4.63M-68.151.72
OXiGENE, Inc.  OXGN$7.03M-67.774.10
ArQule, Inc.  Begins phase 3ARQL$162.40M-67.482.61
Standard Register Co  SR$19.02M-67.310.65
Biosante Pharmaceuticals Inc  BPAX$34.89M-65.331.42
Biota Pharmaceuticals Inc  BOTA$18.65M-64.983.95
Delcath Systems, Inc.  May, june fda committeeDCTH$113.36M-64.551.51
Neurometrix Inc  NURO$6.16M-64.440.48
Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc.  OXBT$23.96M-64.210.72
China Pharma Holdings, Inc.  CPHI$11.77M-63.760.27
Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  phase 2 3/31/2013IDIX$650.67M-63.154.86
Arrowhead Research Corp  ARWR$29.88M-62.661.91
MELA Sciences, Inc.  MELA$54.04M-61.491.71
Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc  ZLTQ$154.78M-61.174.33
Echo Therapeutics Inc  ECTE$33.37M-58.910.83
Dendreon Corporation  DNDN$918.19M-57.325.95
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  BCRX$83.95M-57.141.65
Maxygen, Inc.  MAXY$69.50M-56.062.50
Bacterin International Holdings Inc  BONE$55.38M-55.631.30
Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc  BSPM$10.79M-55.001.08
Electromed, Inc.  ELMD$11.20M-54.611.38
Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  SVNT$76.70M-54.551.05
WorldHeart Corporation (USA)  WHRT$7.70M-53.330.00
Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc.  CPRX$17.72M-52.780.51
Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.  CBLI$69.06M-51.231.59
Venaxis Inc   2013APPY$17.98M-51.152.33
STAAR Surgical Company  STAA$203.89M-50.365.57
Merus Labs International Inc (USA)  MSLI$30.71M-48.981.00
Zogenix, Inc.  March 1st, 2013ZGNX$141.94M-48.541.41
Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc  NWBO$41.36M-48.333.10
Cardium Therapeutics Inc  CXM$24.85M-48.210.19
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  RNN$31.46M-48.030.33
Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  ALXA$64.95M-46.924.14
Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc  ANAC$138.01M-46.263.88
Metabolix, Inc.  MBLX$49.40M-46.071.44
Pacific Biosciences of California  PACB$141.53M-45.692.52
Genetic Technologies Limited (ADR)  GENE$37.49M-45.622.42
Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.  2nd quarterFOLD$185.44M-44.443.75
Senomyx Inc.  SNMX$71.38M-44.031.78
Natural Alternatives International, Inc.  NAII$36.33M-43.045.24
VirtualScopics Inc  VSCP$18.80M-42.550.63
Horizon Pharma Inc  HZNP$131.79M-42.322.14
Rockwell Medical Inc  RMTI$137.38M-42.266.45
Apricus Biosciences Inc  APRI$86.72M-42.232.90
Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.  HALO$735.96M-42.166.53
Kips Bay Medical, Inc.  KIPS$15.04M-41.400.92
Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  ACUR$88.06M-41.281.92
China Botanic Pharmaceutical Inc  CBP$20.48M-40.220.55
AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  july 28thAVEO$348.97M-40.007.98

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