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Friday, October 19, 2012

Some of my best analysis this week: AAPL, GOOG, ULTI, NUGT, US dollar Index

This article is a continuation of the alert issued ahead of time based on the charts. This was previous alerts Click here Below are the list of stock alert that issued between Oct 15th - Oct 19th.

AAPL alert was issued at 617 and it did close at 609 level.
AAPL alert still on.
AAPL closed at 609.84
GOOG alert was issued at 755.49 and it closed at 681.79 today.
Goog closed today at 681.79
ULTI alert was issued at 99.71 and it closed today at 96.41
ULTI closed at 96.41
NUGT alert was at 15.52 At one point it fell to 14.80 today.
NUGT was fell as low at 14.80
INTC alert was issued at 23.37 and it closed at 21.26
Intc closed at 21.26
US Dollar Index Closed at 79.65
US dollar index
US dollar index closed at 79.65

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