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Monday, March 12, 2012

Stock market analysis for March 12th: Manipulation continues Buy TZA, FAZ, ERY

The market was expected to sell off on Greece default news as there was very little marginal gap which was expected to break on the volatility but it didn't happened on the friday. Now the chart for dow looks very interesting, as the market is expected to drop a little,but one month chart shows its expected to rise.

The key resistance for dow is 12942, if it breaks and stays above for 3 days then bears have to wait little longer.

By March 21st, I was expecting the market to drop below 11k, and S&P500 below 1100 but it looks impossible as Greece default didn't even brought 100 point drop.

This market is manipulated at best in a low volume rally. Just one advice don't buy any bullish stock. Wait and Watch this market and consolidate your saving.

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