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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 30th : Technical Level for Dow Jones and S&P500 to watch out

Once again manipulation of this market continue between 1.30 to 2.30 pm EST and stock recovered from it loses and Dow ended up by 20 point. Today US and Germany economic data were good so the morning sell off didn't make any sense and neither did the lately recovering in US stock market made any sense. Only US market ended up in positive while rest of the world stock market sold off.

dow chart
The technical level to watch for March 30th in Dow is 13075.
For bulllish sentiment to continue, Dow needs to break above 13175, and S&p500 1409
For Bears to make any come back, dow needs to break 13075 and S&P500 1396 and close below that level. 

1 month Chart for Dow shows, it will be in favor of Bears, if Dow can break 13085 point and stays below that point. If Dow breaks 13000, Bears will in very good control of Dow. At the same time, if Dow breaks 13200 point then bulls will be in full control. 

Also, if Dow breaks 12086 point only and S&P500 breaks 1266 point then major crash like 2008 can occur which seems impossible at the moment.
dow resistance

If you want to trade at this high level, make sure you use stop loss or atleast move out of stock, don't keep anything overnight. 

Personal Income and Outlays (Personal income 0.4% is expected higher will be bullish)
8:30 AM ET

Chicago PMI (63 is expected higher will be bullish while lower will be bearish)
9:45 AM ET

Consumer Sentiment (75 is expected higher will be bullish while lower will be bearish)
9:55 AM ET

FDA calendar is now updated. Watchout stocks alxa, pgnx, xnpt, vvus, arna for some good profit. 
Watching AAPL, crm, pnra, ma, v, goog, and rht.

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