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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Manipulation of market continues: March 29th Analysis of Dow jones Industrial

As expected market did sell off today with volatility rising as well but the late rally which has been happening, since last 5 month between 1.30    to 2.30 pm EST, once again changed the market direction. Eventhough the gap between bulls and bear is very narrow and bulls have been winning inspite of narrow gap and the market had been in bulls favour.

From today's bearish outlook its back to bullish outlook for March 29th only if Dow breaks 13130 point and stays above it.

Also for bears to make any statement tomorrow, Dow needs to breaks first 13111 and then 13069 point and close below 13069. Today could be bullish or bearish day based on the important break point of 13130 and 13111 respectively.

GDP  ( 3% is expected lower will be bearish sign and higher will be bullish sign)
8:30 AM ET

Jobless Claims (350k is expected lower will be bullish sign while higher will be bearish sign)
8:30 AM ET

Corporate Profits
8:30 AM ET

Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index
9:45 AM ET

EIA Natural Gas Report
10:30 AM ET

3-Month Bill Announcement
11:00 AM ET

6-Month Bill Announcement
11:00 AM ET

52-Week Bill Announcement
11:00 AM ET

Dennis Lockhart Speaks
12:15 PM ET

Ben Bernanke Speaks
12:45 PM ET

Charles Plosser Speaks
1:00 PM ET

7-Yr Note Auction
1:00 PM ET

Farm Prices
3:00 PM ET


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