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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Scary US Coronavirus data as % of Total cases over Total Test: NJ, NY, OK, MI. Its time to use Martial law.

USA has conducted 1.7M coronavirus test, out of which 336,673 are positive cases or 19% of the total tests. If we assume everyone is tested in USA, total positive case will be 62M out of 327M. 

Total death % on those positive case is 2.86%, sadly that will bring to 1.77M death in USA

New york did a total tests of 302,280 and 123,018 are positive which is 40.70%.
New Jersey did a total tests of 82,166 and 37,505 are positive which is 46%.
Michigan did a total tests of 45,748 and 15,718 are positive which is 34%.
Oklahoma did a total tests of 2,655 and 1,252 are positive which is 47%.
California did a total test of 116,533 and 15,037 are positive, which is 13%

This just mean California is lagging in total test compare to others. I know they don't test mild symptoms because my wife had it and they denied testing. With the stay home order this virus isnt spreading like before but it has spread 1 in every 5 American due to lack of testing and negligence and ineffective action at federal level. So before taking a victory lap, we need to test everyone, use Martial law and restrict the movement before its more late.

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