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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Premarket Trading for April 11th: DUST

Economic Calendar;

Sunday, April 10, 2016
21:30  CNYCPI (MoM) (Mar)-0.3%1.6%
21:30  CNYCPI (YoY) (Mar)2.5%2.3%
21:30  CNYPPI (YoY) (Mar)-4.6%-4.9%
There is no economic data out from US and Europe but the big event of the day will be Federal reserve emergency meeting at 11.30 am EST. If Fed decides to hike rate and then it will bring gold down and then play DUST, but if fed decides to make no changes, then NUGT will be good. So the best strategy is wait for the market direction and follow the trend.

Avoid Sune, even though its $0.40 stock, bankruptcy fear is still hanging on it. I have seen many such stock that lost 75% of the value overnight as soon as bankruptcy news came out. PSUN was $0.34 stock and now $0.04 There are so many other stock to make money from. In case your already in Sune its better to cut loses and then lose 75% of the value.

Earning watchlist:

After Hours:

Most Volatile Stock:
TickerMarket CapEPS Q/QPerf QuartPerf HalfPriceVolumeEarnings
CRC499.75M-127.20%-13.33%-67.98%1.3020,252,667Feb 29/a
EPE1.11B-691.80%4.52%-47.53%3.932,988,780Apr 27/a
ETE8.72B89.10%-20.90%-65.72%8.0528,789,380May 04/a
DNR959.13M-346.80%55.28%-27.33%2.5014,949,543May 05/b
MNKD529.74M-619.30%76.56%-60.26%1.227,525,949May 05
CLVS599.58M-92.70%-47.13%-82.81%15.778,329,955May 05/a
ARNA459.17M13.80%16.56%-9.95%1.901,461,636May 09/a
TK677.79M378.50%12.65%-73.57%9.002,242,324May 12/b

Oversold Stock:
TickerMarket CapEPS Q/QPerf QuartPerf HalfPriceVolumeEarnings
HRB5.50B-163.90%-25.05%-29.16%24.353,930,242Mar 03/a

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