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Friday, April 8, 2016

Economic Calendar for April 11th - 15th: UWTI, DWTI, DUST, NUGT, UVXY, XIV, SVXY, SPY, DIA, SQQQ

Economic Calendar for next week:
Federal Reserve System To Hold Unexpected Meeting Under “Expedited Procedures” On Monday at 11.30 am EST to Discuss Rates
With everyone’s focus sharply attuned on anything to do with the Fed’s rate hike policy, many will probably wonder why yesterday the Fed announced that this coming Monday, April 11, the Fed will hold a closed meeting “under expedited procedures” during which the Board of Governors will review and determine advance and discount rates charged by the Fed banks.
As a reminder, the last time the Fed held such a meeting was on November 21, less than a month before it launched its first rate hike in years. 
Tuesday, April 12, 2016
08:30  USDExport Price Index (MoM) (Mar)-0.2%-0.4%
08:30  USDImport Price Index (MoM) (Mar)1.0%-0.3%
14:00  USDFederal Budget Balance (Mar)-104.0B-193.0B
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
05:00  EURIndustrial Production (MoM) (Feb)-0.6%2.1%
08:30  USDCore PPI (MoM) (Mar)0.1%
08:30  USDCore Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar)0.4%-0.1%
08:30  USDPPI (MoM) (Mar)0.3%-0.2%
08:30  USDRetail Sales (MoM) (Mar)0.1%-0.1%
10:00  USDBusiness Inventories (MoM) (Feb)-0.1%0.1%
10:30  USDCrude Oil Inventories-4.937M
10:30  USDCushing Crude Oil Inventories0.357M
Thursday, April 14, 2016
05:00  EURCore CPI (YoY) (Mar)0.8%
05:00  EURCPI (MoM) (Mar)1.2%0.2%
05:00  EURCPI (YoY) (Mar)-0.1%-0.1%
08:30  USDCore CPI (YoY) (Mar)2.3%2.3%
08:30  USDCore CPI (MoM) (Mar)0.2%0.3%
08:30  USDCPI (MoM) (Mar)0.2%-0.2%
Friday, April 15, 2016
05:00  EURTrade Balance (Feb)6.2B
08:30  USDNY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Apr)2.210.62
09:15  USDIndustrial Production (MoM) (Mar)0.1%-0.5%
10:00  USDMichigan Consumer Expectations (Apr)82.581.5
10:00  USDMichigan Consumer Sentiment (Apr)91.991.0
16:00  USDTIC Net Long-Term Transactions (Feb)-12.0B

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