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Friday, June 19, 2015

Earning play for June 22nd- 26th: BBRY, BKS, CIDM, FINL, LEN, SNX, WGO

There are two ways to speculate during earnings. One would be to simply take positions as if there was no such thing as an earnings release. The position size would be junior (half normal) or even smaller until after the release. It would be of a size that would be manageable risk-wise in the event of a large post-earnings downdraft of, say, 20%-25%. To be conservative, use 33%.
The second method to play earnings season is to hold no positions through earnings. If an issue moves through a potential buy point just after its earnings release, the position can then be played normally. And if price gaps through a potential entrance point, it should be monitored to see if it pulls back or moves sideways subsequent to the gap.
Some of these latter gap plays have turned out well this season amid a sluggish general market over the past two weeks. While volume on the gap day will provide an understanding of the magnitude of demand for the stock, price is what counts.
Context is also crucial to the equation. A strong market trend tends to bail one out if one's entry is not perfect. A soft market with questionable speculative sentiment will penalize the speculator playing breakouts. They won't work most of the time

No.TickerCompanyMarket CapFloat ShortPerf MonthPerf YearPriceChangeVolumeEarnings
1BBRYBlackBerry Limited4.72B17.32%-11.87%-1.98%8.91-2.30%9,601,394Jun 23/b
2BKSBarnes & Noble, Inc.1.71B15.23%20.36%29.41%26.841.67%1,560,283Jun 25/b
3CIDMCinedigm Corp.69.34M11.43%-0.98%-68.47%0.902.47%621,082Jun 24/a
4FINLFinish Line Inc.1.20B12.08%2.41%-11.41%26.38-0.08%958,175Jun 26/b
5LENLennar Corp.9.71B16.56%-0.23%18.61%48.642.81%4,487,756Jun 25/b
6LNNLindsay Corporation952.12M32.50%0.35%-6.66%80.620.47%321,676Jun 25/b
7SNXSYNNEX Corp.3.30B10.29%0.22%18.44%83.53-0.87%255,151Jun 25/a
8WGOWinnebago Industries, Inc.535.10M21.60%-10.78%-15.95%19.870.15%505,730Jun 25/b

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