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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Earning play for Oct 27th - 31st: CLF, GPRO, SODA, X, ANR, SPWR, TRN, GRPN, WU, AXL, CAR, FB, EXPE, BYD, PBI

Earning play is always risky and very difficult to judge in this crazy market. A good earning report can turn out bad and a bad earning can become good. Also, Guidance is something that is 100% unclear. The best way to play earning is before earning and after earning announcement. 

TickerMarket CapInst TransFloat ShortGross MPerf WeekPriceVolumeEarnings
CLF1.48B0.23%41.37%15.60%10.18%9.6310,507,164Oct 27/a
GPRO9.06B9.07%40.92%40.20%-3.64%71.9112,126,742Oct 30/a
SODA510.76M2.40%36.00%49.40%16.43%24.458,926,786Oct 29/b
X5.36B0.96%26.04%8.40%9.78%36.924,296,760Oct 28/a
ANR478.35M-0.20%25.76%7.70%8.54%2.165,395,994Oct 30/b
SPWR4.10B1.07%20.23%23.30%6.29%31.261,039,986Oct 29/b
TRN5.55B0.78%19.13%25.20%-1.50%35.544,867,262Oct 28/a
GRPN4.05B2.69%16.84%52.70%-1.31%6.0511,109,920Oct 30/a
GRMN10.64B0.00%16.04%55.10%5.78%55.261,594,539Oct 29/b
WU8.73B0.06%13.39%41.10%3.52%16.473,610,889Oct 30/a
AXL1.34B0.16%13.31%15.10%1.66%17.711,232,925Oct 31/b
RGC3.15B0.27%13.19%60.90%1.87%20.201,579,350Oct 27/a
PPC6.91B2.26%13.06%12.00%-4.44%26.681,739,799Oct 29/a
CAR5.58B0.24%11.06%48.90%7.65%53.642,031,343Oct 29/a
SPF2.22B1.42%10.75%27.00%4.74%7.961,545,449Oct 30/a
SIRI19.11B0.15%10.46%62.00%3.06%3.3711,805,770Oct 28/b
EXC30.70B-0.48%10.38%53.40%3.93%35.736,676,629Oct 29/b
PBI4.98B-2.01%10.25%55.80%1.95%24.551,246,098Oct 30/b
BYD1.11B-0.01%10.19%45.00%4.48%10.271,504,875Oct 30/a
EXPE10.37B0.08%10.11%78.70%9.33%81.531,641,886Oct 30/a

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