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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Premarket Trading Ideas for June 23rd: FLML, QRM, DRRX, SOL, MU, BEE, MS, PLD, DUST, NUGT, XIV, UVXY, JNUG, JDST, AAPL

US Flash manufacturing PMI will be out at 9.45 am EST, expectation is 56. Existing home sales will be out 10 am EST, expectation is 4.73

For Day Trading : FLML, QRM, DRRX, SOL.

Morgan Stanley REIT Summit 2014 Scheduled to appear: RMAX, CXP, AMH, ARPI, AHP, BMR, CPT, DDR,DLR, EGP, ESS, EXR, FRT, HCP, HCN, HT, MAC, MS, PLD, RLJ, BEE,SHO, TOL, UDR

Earnings before Monday's Market open:
No earnings

Earnings after Monday's Market close:

Earnings before Tuesday's Market open:

Earnings after Tuesday's Market close:

Economic Calendar:
  3:00EURFrench Flash Manufacturing PMIlow  49.6
  3:00EURFrench Flash Services PMIlow  49.1
  3:30EURGerman Flash Manufacturing PMImed 52.552.3
  3:30EURGerman Flash Services PMImed 55.856
   4:00EURFlash Manufacturing PMImed 52.152.2
   4:00EURFlash Composite PMImed 53.453.5
   4:00EURFlash Services PMImed 53.353.2
  9:45USDFlash Manufacturing PMIlow 5656.4
  10:00USDExisting home salesmed 4.734.65

Nasdaq Gainer and Loser:
NASDAQ PERCENT GAINERS: Stocks with last price greater than or equal to $2.00 
 Last Price as of 03:54PM ET 06/19/2014 
 SymbolNameLast PriceToday's ChangeDay's RangeVolume 
 STEMStemCells Inc$2.08+0.51 (32.48%)$1.73 - $2.1031M 
 CBMGCellular Biomedicine Group Inc$11.65+2.46 (26.77%)$9.60 - $11.9539K 
 ZFGNZafgen Inc$19.88+3.88 (24.25%)$19.23 - $21.013M 
 SWSHSwisher Hygiene Inc$4.15+0.64 (18.23%)$3.54 - $4.37250K 
 ALDXAldeyra Therapeutics Inc$7.60+0.91 (13.60%)$7.32 - $8.22132K 
 MRKTMarkit Ltd$26.81+2.81 (11.71%)$26.06 - $27.4031M 
 GNCAGenocea Biosciences Inc$21.10+2.20 (11.64%)$18.74 - $21.3664K 
 CNCEConcert Pharmaceuticals Inc$9.59+0.89 (10.23%)$8.61 - $9.77146K 
 SNMXSenomyx Inc$9.29+0.94 (11.26%)$8.96 - $9.983M 
 MEASMeasurement Specialties Inc$86.48+8.48 (10.87%)$85.90 - $86.553M 

 NASDAQ PERCENT LOSERS: Stocks with last price greater than or equal to $2.00 
 Last Price as of 03:55PM ET 06/19/2014 
 SymbolNameLast PriceToday's ChangeDay's RangeVolume 
 VTLVital Therapies Inc$24.82-5.70 (18.68%)$24.25 - $31.10153K 
 NWBONorthwest Biotherapeutics Inc$7.21-1.76 (19.63%)$6.68 - $8.507M 
 AKERAkers Biosciences Inc$3.50-0.41 (10.49%)$3.50 - $3.9118K 
 REFRResearch Frontiers Inc$5.42-0.59 (9.82%)$5.35 - $5.76377K 
 SQBGSequential Brands Group Inc$10.47-1.11 (9.59%)$10.41 - $11.6878K 
 SYRXSysorex Global Holdings Corp$5.19-0.50 (8.79%)$5.09 - $5.7035K 
 CECOCareer Education Corp$4.89-0.45 (8.43%)$4.82 - $5.40908K 
 RAREUltragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc$44.60-4.07 (8.36%)$44.05 - $49.70169K 
 TTGTTechTarget Inc$7.52-0.60 (7.39%)$6.80 - $8.161M 
 SGNLSignal Genetics Inc$8.40-0.69 (7.59%)$8.17 - $8.8348K 

After Hours Movers

Top Gaining Stocks

SYRXSysorex Global Hol...4.2011.70%
HNNAHennessy Advisors ...14.4111.53%
TBIOTransgenomic Inc3.4511.29%
SWSHSwisher Hygiene In...4.9910.64%
PLMTPalmetto Bancshare...14.509.27%
CERUCerulean Pharma In...6.349.12%
CORICorium Internation...7.178.64%
IGFishares Global Inf...48.097.97%
SCYXScynexis Inc.8.437.94%
UPIUroplasty Inc.3.027.86%
SPPISpectrum Pharmaceu...8.757.36%
ALDXAldeyra Therapeuti...7.447.05%
VGGLViggle Inc4.427.02%
HGSHChina Hgs Real Est...3.085.84%
ARGSArgos Therapeutics...7.905.76%
HRTArrhythmia Researc...6.585.62%
CUOContinental Materi...16.135.08%
LPCNLipocine Inc5.805.07%
DPRXDipexium Pharmaceu...10.034.81%
CEOCnooc Ltd. Ads189.794.80%

Top Losing Stocks

REXRRexford Industrial...11.73-17.97%
KMXCarmax Inc.45.35-14.03%
ADKAdcare Health Syst...3.75-12.79%
RPTPRaptor Pharmaceuti...10.60-11.96%
SGNLSignal Genetics In...7.57-9.45%
EOXEmerald Oil6.93-8.70%
WSBFWaterstone Financi...10.59-8.63%
NDAQNasdaq Omx Group I...34.68-8.21%
PZEPetrobras Argentin...6.10-8.13%
SWFTSwift Transportati...23.87-7.73%
MSLIMerus Labs Interna...2.40-7.34%
PAMPampa Energia S.a....8.80-7.27%
KEYWThe Keyw Holding C...10.89-7.16%
RDUSRadius Health Inc ...9.04-7.11%
RKUSRuckus Wireless10.75-6.28%
STVChina Digital TV H...4.15-5.68%
BMTCBryn Mawr Bank Cor...28.49-4.87%
KNDIKandi Technologies...12.60-4.76%
NQNQ Mobile7.00-4.76%
AXASAbraxas Petroleum ...5.33-4.57%

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