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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Premarket Trading Ideas for April 11th: FAST, JPM, WFC, C, JBHT, LEDS, OZRK, IGTE, LGND, NOW, URRE, SGEN, NQ, ONNN, UVXY, TVIX, DUST, NUGT

Based on the earning of JPM, and WFC this market is likely to sell off. UVXY and TVIX has more room for upside.

Earnings before market open:

Earnings after market close:

Earnings before Monday market open:

Earnings after Monday market close:

Economic Calendar:
 2:00EURGerman CPI (Final)med 0.30.3
 2:00EURGerman CPI (Final)med 11
 2:00EURGerman HICP (Final)high 0.90.9
 2:00EURGerman HICP (Final)high 0.30.3
 2:00EURGerman Wholesale price indexlow  -1.8
 2:00EURGerman Wholesale price indexlow  -0.1
 2:45EURFrench Current Accountlow  -4.5
  8:30USDPPI (ex Food & Energy)med 0.2-0.2
  8:30USDPPIhigh 0.1-0.1
  9:55USDUniv of Mich Sent. (Prelim.)med 8180
   13:15EURGerman FinMin Schaeuble speaks at Centre of Foreign Relations in Washingtonlow   

After Hours Movers

Top Gaining Stocks

QLYSQualys Inc.23.2511.40%
BOFIBofi Holding Inc. ...82.0010.16%
LGNDLigand Pharmaceuti...69.979.45%
ONEHigher One Holding...6.378.89%
HUNHuntsman Corp.27.008.74%
WTTWireless Telecom G...2.758.70%
KEYWThe Keyw Holding C...16.108.05%
FTNTFortinet Inc.23.307.52%
URREUranium Resources ...3.047.42%
SGENSeattle Genetics I...42.277.37%
BMRNBiomarin Pharmaceu...65.807.36%
HRBH&r Block Inc.30.507.32%
SSYSStratasys Ltd.104.377.27%
CVLTCommvault Systems ...70.806.93%
TNKTeekay Tankers3.906.85%
KIMKimco Realty Corp....23.426.79%
TGTredegar Corp.25.086.72%
UAUnder Armour108.636.25%
NESNuverra Environmen...19.406.01%

Top Losing Stocks

DWCHDatawatch Corporat...15.79-23.76%
IGTEigate Corporation ...33.20-14.10%
TITNTitan Machinery In...15.80-12.90%
AVDAmerican Vanguard ...18.33-10.50%
NQNQ Mobile14.55-9.01%
CABCabelas Inc.59.01-8.86%
DCTHDelcath Systems In...4.11-8.26%
ONNNON Semiconductor C...9.05-6.60%
ICBMorgan Stanley Inc...16.65-5.88%
SGCSuperior Uniform G...15.07-5.69%
CRISCuris Inc.2.37-5.58%
VNDAVanda Pharmaceutic...13.27-5.42%
VJETvoxeljet AG Ads17.55-5.39%
YGEYingli Green Energ...3.93-5.30%
CERUCerulean Pharma In...6.52-4.82%
CSODCornerstone Ondema...36.34-4.42%
CXCemex S.a. de C.v....12.38-4.40%
SYRXSysorex Global Hol...5.62-4.38%
RGDORegado Biosciences...6.86-4.32%
PERCENT GAINERS: Stocks with last price greater than or equal to $2.00 
 Last Price as of 03:49PM ET 04/10/2014 
 SymbolNameLast PriceToday's ChangeDay's RangeVolume 
 OVRLOverland Storage Inc$3.73+2.91 (354.88%)$3.44 - $3.9383K 
 DCTHDelcath Systems Inc$4.47+0.75 (19.97%)$3.69 - $4.49875K 
 BPTHBio-Path Holdings Inc$3.00+0.43 (16.73%)$2.60 - $3.01451K 
 IGTEiGATE Corp$38.75+5.55 (16.72%)$33.68 - $38.81875K 
 TITNTitan Machinery Inc$18.23+2.43 (15.38%)$16.30 - $18.251M 
 CLDNCelladon Corp$12.08+1.43 (13.38%)$11.06 - $13.40783K 
 RTKRentech Inc$2.05+0.24 (12.98%)$1.98 - $2.1516M 
 SPCBSupercom Ltd$7.26+0.78 (12.04%)$6.41 - $7.622M 
 EONCeOn Communications Corp$5.13+0.56 (12.25%)$4.70 - $5.19103K 
 CPSSConsumer Portfolio Services Inc$7.95+0.71 (9.81%)$7.22 - $7.98523K 

 NASDAQ PERCENT LOSERS: Stocks with last price greater than or equal to $2.00 
 Last Price as of 03:48PM ET 04/10/2014 
 SymbolNameLast PriceToday's ChangeDay's RangeVolume 
 RGDORegado Biosciences Inc$7.22-1.56 (17.77%)$6.94 - $8.67403K 
 CALIChina Auto Logistics Inc$2.95-0.54 (15.47%)$2.78 - $3.44142K 
 KINKindred Biosciences Inc$15.64-2.21 (12.39%)$15.30 - $17.84221K 
 PTCTPTC Therapeutics Inc$20.77-2.72 (11.56%)$19.92 - $24.21199K 
 FEYEFireEye Inc$50.00-6.39 (11.34%)$49.00 - $55.667M 
 ATNYAPI Technologies Corp$2.46-0.28 (10.22%)$2.45 - $2.7383K 
 ICPTIntercept Pharmaceuticals Inc$265.01-34.55 (11.53%)$256.00 - $305.95729K 
 KNDIKandi Technologies Group Inc$12.80-1.58 (10.97%)$12.68 - $14.603M 
 HTBXHeat Biologics Inc$5.31-0.66 (11.06%)$5.01 - $5.9454K 
 ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc$58.74-7.16 (10.86%)$56.80 - $65

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