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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Premarket Trading Ideas for March 24-28th: SOL, SONC, CCL, GIII, IDN, WAG, ARIS, DRAM, YZC, SGMO, ECYT, ICLD, VSAR, ASTM, DXM, MNGA

Weekly Outlook March 24th - 28th
Monday, March 24
The euro zone is to release preliminary data on manufacturing and service sector activity, a leading indicator of economic health. Germany and France are also to release
The U.S. is to release preliminary data on manufacturing activity.
Tuesday, March 25
In the euro zone, Germany is to release the Ifo report on business climate.
Later Tuesday, the U.S. is to release report on house price inflation and consumer confidence, as well as official data on new home sales.
Wednesday, March 26
In the euro zone, Germany is to release a report on Gfk consumer climate.
The U.S. is to release data on durable goods orders, a leading indicator of production.
Thursday, March 27
The euro zone is to release data on M3 money supply.
The U.S. is to publish final data on fourth quarter economic growth. The nation is also to release the weekly report on initial jobless claims and private sector data on pending home sales.
Friday, March 28
In the euro zone, Germany is to produce preliminary data on consumer inflation, while France is to publish data on consumer spending.
The U.S. is to round up the week with a report on personal spending and revised data on consumer sentiment.

Earning before market open:

Earnings after market close:

Economic Calendar:
  3:58EURFrench Flash Manufacturing PMIlow 49.849.7
  3:58EURFrench Flash Services PMIlow 47.847.2
   4:28EURGerman Flash Manufacturing PMImed 54.554.8
   4:28EURGerman Flash Services PMImed 55.555.9
   4:58EURFlash Manufacturing PMImed 5353.2
   4:58EURFlash Services PMImed 52.552.6
   4:58EURFlash Composite PMImed 53.153.3
   5:00EURECB's Liikanen holds press conference on Monetary Policy and Global Economy in Helsinkilow   
  9:45USDFlash Manufacturing PMIlow 56.557.1

After Hours Movers

Top Gaining Stocks

ARISAri Network Servic...29.75796.08%
KEYWThe Keyw Holding C...22.2110.84%
VSRVersar Inc.3.9810.56%
AIRAar Corp.30.928.68%
SYPRSypris Solutions I...3.108.39%
SGMOSangamo Bioscience...23.108.20%
AMRIAlbany Molecular R...19.917.97%
SGMSScientific Games C...16.167.52%
CMRXChimerix Inc.27.707.28%
GFIGGfi Group Inc.4.007.24%
ATLCAtlanticus Holding...2.437.11%
HDYHyperdynamics Corp...2.236.70%
LGNDLigand Pharmaceuti...76.906.62%
NVAXNovavax Inc.4.976.14%
KWKQuicksilver Resour...2.775.40%
LMCBLiberty Media Corp...145.255.22%
VMEMViolin Memory5.105.15%
GESGuess? Inc.29.384.78%

Top Losing Stocks

DRAMDataram Corporatio...3.51-9.77%
NFXNewfield Explorati...27.50-8.58%
YZCYanzhou Coal Minin...7.11-8.26%
CSTMConstellium Holdco...25.43-7.59%
UNISUnilife Corporatio...4.80-7.51%
CNHICnh Industrial N.v...10.00-7.49%
BIOFBiofuel Energy Cor...3.67-6.14%
SCHNSchnitzer Steel In...27.05-6.01%
LRELrr Energy16.49-5.72%
NESNuverra Environmen...17.81-5.60%
VDSIVasco Data Securit...8.03-5.42%
VTNRVertex Energy Inc ...5.25-5.30%
AEHRAehr Test Systems ...2.81-5.07%
ITMNIntermune Inc.32.85-5.06%
PTXPernix Therapeutic...5.64-4.94%
VRMLVermillion Inc.3.12-4.88%
AKRXAkorn Inc.21.20-4.50%
GTNGray Television In...9.48-4.34%
NEENextera Energy Inc...90.57-4.23%
NASDAQ PERCENT GAINERS: Stocks with last price greater than or equal to $2.00 
 Last Price as of 03:51PM ET 03/21/2014 
 SymbolNameLast PriceToday's ChangeDay's RangeVolume 
 ECYTEndocyte Inc$28.09+13.45 (91.87%)$25.88 - $33.7016M 
 VSARVersartis Inc$33.20+12.20 (58.10%)$28.00 - $36.306M 
 MNGAMagneGas Corp$2.30+0.80 (53.33%)$1.68 - $2.4527M 
 ASTMAastrom Biosciences Inc$6.50+1.53 (30.70%)$5.15 - $7.005M 
 LTBRLightbridge Corp$3.45+0.67 (23.96%)$2.82 - $3.68859K 
 BRDRBorderfree Inc$19.40+3.40 (21.25%)$19.00 - $21.255M 
 DXMDex Media Inc$9.70+1.49 (18.15%)$8.16 - $9.751M 
 VTNRVertex Energy Inc$5.42+0.77 (16.50%)$4.73 - $5.50517K 
 PEIXPacific Ethanol Inc$17.77+1.90 (11.98%)$15.73 - $17.854M 
 BAGRDiversified Restaurant Holdings Inc$5.76+0.47 (8.88%)$5.29 - $5.7983K 

 NASDAQ PERCENT LOSERS: Stocks with last price greater than or equal to $2.00 
 Last Price as of 03:51PM ET 03/21/2014 
 SymbolNameLast PriceToday's ChangeDay's RangeVolume 
 ICLDInterCloud Systems Inc$7.41-2.92 (28.27%)$6.77 - $9.453M 
 GEOSGeospace Technologies Corp$63.34-10.71 (14.46%)$60.70 - $76.15765K 
 DRAMDataram Corp$3.95-0.71 (15.24%)$3.75 - $4.28259K 
 OCLSOculus Innovative Sciences Inc$4.86-0.73 (13.06%)$4.81 - $5.901M 
 ARWRArrowhead Research Corp$20.62-3.19 (13.40%)$20.17 - $23.942M 
 ABTLAutobytel Inc$12.35-1.85 (13.06%)$12.32 - $14.27602K 
 SYMCSymantec Corp$18.06-2.85 (13.63%)$17.95 - $18.7355M 
 MDXGMiMedx Group Inc$6.22-0.77 (11.02%)$5.83 - $7.012M 
 REPHRecro Pharma Inc$8.15-1.00 (10.93%)$8.12 - $9.1673K 
 DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc$37.38-4.34 (10.39%)$37.11 - $42.00168K 

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