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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Earning Play For March 10-14th based on Float Short: EBIX, SNTA, PHMD, GNK, BONT, DMND, ARO, KWK, NES, CNDO, TEAR, BKE, GALE, KERX

Holding a stock into earning can be a huge risk. So just trade what you see and don't hope that stock will beat earning or miss earning. Stock with high float short could move before earning as the shorts try to cover their position. Not every heavily shorted stock will rally as there could be different reason why a stock is heavily shorted. Below is the scan result of stock with high float short. 

TickerCompanyMarket CapFloat ShortPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf YTDPriceChangeEarnings
EBIXEbix Inc.647.66M41.32%5.11%23.14%16.11%17.08-1.56%Mar 10
SNTASynta Pharmaceuticals Corp.354.21M40.96%-16.99%0.79%-2.10%5.13-3.57%Mar 11/b
PHMDPhotoMedex, Inc300.94M37.05%2.87%11.97%16.29%15.061.41%Mar 13/b
GNKGenco Shipping & Trading Ltd.70.47M35.64%-0.61%-11.41%-34.80%1.63-2.40%Mar 10
BONTBon-Ton Stores Inc.216.02M35.24%3.59%11.39%-30.43%11.250.45%Mar 11/b
DMNDDiamond Foods, Inc.671.79M27.29%6.55%26.76%18.42%30.600.16%Mar 11/a
AROAeropostale, Inc.579.24M26.67%0.54%15.31%-18.81%7.380.68%Mar 13/a
KWKQuicksilver Resources Inc.487.58M26.53%-13.15%-15.22%-7.49%2.84-4.38%Mar 11
HZNPHorizon Pharma, Inc.852.03M23.92%7.86%33.00%72.97%13.181.00%Mar 13/b
NESNuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.446.13M23.31%5.59%24.22%6.91%17.9510.73%Mar 10/a
CNDOCoronado Biosciences, Inc.85.83M22.35%-7.39%7.35%0.00%2.63-1.50%Mar 10
TEARTearLab Corporation253.08M21.67%-1.49%23.52%-15.10%7.932.72%Mar 13
BKEBuckle Inc.2.28B21.13%5.42%11.86%-4.07%47.834.23%Mar 10
GALEGalena Biopharma, Inc.293.40M21.13%-14.94%-19.04%-32.26%3.36-2.89%Mar 10
MEDMedifast Inc.362.09M20.73%-0.99%-1.66%-0.19%26.082.19%Mar 10/a
HIBBHibbett Sports, Inc.1.53B19.72%3.26%4.56%-11.84%59.20-0.74%Mar 14/b
KERXKeryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc.1.25B18.81%-4.86%3.46%17.92%15.27-3.96%Mar 10
RPTPRaptor Pharmaceuticals Corp.936.04M17.81%-1.39%4.48%19.89%15.61-0.26%Mar 10
UECUranium Energy Corp.159.89M16.33%1.65%12.80%-7.50%1.85-1.60%Mar 10
OREXOrexigen Therapeutics, Inc.687.21M14.99%0.29%5.94%23.62%6.96-0.43%Mar 10
Please recheck the earning date as they might have changed.

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