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Top alert for 2014: MYGN (50%), LIVE (45%), CTIC (115%), KOOL (88%), PZG (32%), GOLD (6%), IOC (6%), RSOL(18%), PLUG (70%), IMMU (26%)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short term bounce set up for Jan 18th - 24th: SSNI, RDEN, PFMT, QIWI, SLM, LDK, BBY, VLRS, ORC, BJRI, YRCW.

After strong rally from the stock picks in week 1,, Some of the best pick this week were, 
YRCW (@ $13.70),
GLOG (@19.10
while the worst were BBY, GSE, LULU (all three bad news) 

Last week alert link

But the final result from Jan 2nd - 17th are as listed below in the table.  

Performance from Jan 2nd - 17th alert
Short term bounce set up for Jan 18th -24th:
Key Rule:  Plan your trade (entry and exit) and Wait for the momentum.

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