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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Earning play for August 26th - 30th: QIHU, JOSB, JASO, SFL, TWGP, TIVO, WDAY, ARAY, JOY, FRAN, TFM

Earning play stocks are pure gambling stock in short term and can be very risky. This stock will swing 10-20% very easily so becareful trading this stock.

TickerPerf WeekPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTDVolatility WPriceEarnings
QIHU5.31%131.94%246.59%146.31%4.80%73.13Aug 26/b
JOSB-0.37%0.37%-0.87%-4.06%2.34%40.85Aug 26
JASO9.31%75.95%57.36%95.32%6.08%8.34Aug 26
SFL3.26%5.58%11.15%1.36%1.79%16.45Aug 28th/b
TWGP-4.85%-9.74%-3.17%-0.84%2.49%15.29Aug 26
RGS-0.29%-4.76%-3.85%1.07%1.70%16.99Aug 27/b
BWS6.57%47.95%61.14%28.96%2.94%23.51Aug 27/b
WTSL-2.28%33.22%25.82%39.49%3.76%3.85Aug 27/a
TIVO5.30%-7.43%22.62%-7.96%3.29%11.33Aug 27/a
WDAY2.84%35.31%-39.01%1.88%75.76Aug 27/a
ARAY0.80%41.99%-2.78%-2.18%3.43%6.29Aug 27/a
JOY0.36%-11.63%-8.32%-17.27%2.62%52.45Aug 28/b
ZLC0.78%131.11%134.11%118.73%3.29%8.99Aug 28/b
OCLR-4.42%-16.28%-59.55%-31.21%4.95%1.08Aug 28
FRAN1.93%-4.27%-30.90%-8.41%3.49%23.75Aug 28
TFM3.90%14.90%-7.99%14.68%1.70%55.15Aug 28/a

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