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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Earning Play for April 1st - 5th: CALM, BBBY, PBY, OXM, GIII, CAG, WDFC, MON, RPM, GPN, MKC

Earning play is very risky as this market is not normal anymore. Stock on good earning report can be down and some that misses earning can rally. The best way to play this stock is before, and after the earning is reported. I'll be following BBBY, GIII, GPN, MKC for this week.

No.TickerMarket CapPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTDPriceVolumeEarnings
1CALM1.02B-1.64%11.47%6.32%42.5671,337Apr 01/b
2RPM4.18B10.57%27.29%7.56%31.58569,241Apr 01
3SCVL417.59M-8.79%-4.08%-0.24%20.44131,893Apr 01/a
4BONA559.41M-15.90%-12.55%-6.50%4.6024,978Apr 01/a
5MKC8.84B16.99%41.66%15.77%73.55753,312Apr 02/b
6BBBY14.57B4.00%-4.18%15.22%64.422,613,743Apr 02
7ISCA1.52B13.87%24.83%18.19%32.6894,580Apr 02
8PBY626.05M13.80%-20.93%19.94%11.79293,043Apr 02
9RECN520.70M-4.65%-3.71%6.99%12.70226,392Apr 02/a
10OXM879.87M-9.22%6.71%14.89%53.10291,708Apr 02/a
11GIII806.21M10.95%39.46%17.18%40.11459,535Apr 02/a
12GPN3.91B13.64%-6.97%9.67%49.66696,746Apr 02/a
13CONN1.23B57.08%120.49%17.22%35.94425,719Apr 03/b
14CAG14.86B32.24%42.33%22.34%35.812,992,430Apr 03/b
15AYI2.97B6.51%9.87%2.59%69.35486,751Apr 03/b
16OMN359.42M-12.54%11.64%9.42%7.67246,794Apr 03/b
17MON56.60B16.96%34.00%12.04%105.632,772,955Apr 03/b
18ELRC444.96M13.46%8.93%21.89%18.5467,193Apr 03
19WDFC854.41M3.79%23.05%17.00%54.7729,711Apr 04
20AZZ1.22B37.60%84.11%25.85%48.2091,327Apr 05