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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dow Jones Industrial Average has finally hit the top

In this article, I'll present Dow jones chart which seems to hit the top and we that confirmation from multiple chart over the period of time. It doesnt mean Monday market will crash. Stocks can remain at the top for month and some time years. But atleast we can say, Dow jones has hit the top at this time. 14420 is the most important level of all the time. 
Dow jones Long term Chart - its time for correction.
Dow Jones 18 year chart.

Dow Jones 1 year chart  zoomed version
Dow jones 1 year Chart
Dow Jones 1 Month Chart zoomed version:
Dow Jones 1 month Chart
Dow Jones Weekly Chart:
Dow Jones weekly Chart
For S&P500 1579 will be considered top.
S&P500 chart

But as long as Fed and ECB can continue their printing press sky is the limit. Remember, follow the trend until it end but follow it cautiously for next couple of month. Because market has rallied without any support or consolidation 12855 was next major support.