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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 16th: Premarket Report for Dow jones and S&P500: GS, JPM, UBS, BA, VRA, FAS, FAZ, IBKR

Stock market again expected to open lower tomorrow. But its crazy market. AAPL was down 16 point but S&P500 was flat most of the day. VIX is terminated everyday at the open as someone is buying very big put at the open causing to VIX to decline sharply and at the same time Dow jones and S&P500 recovered from the bottom and rallying 89 point into close.
Dow Jones Char again expected to open low tomorrow.
Dow Jones Resistance Level:
R313,672.81Fib R313,608.58Brk Out Long13,590.20
R213,609.59Fib R213,571.37Short13,562.55
R113,572.24Fib R113,547.24HL213,553.33
S113,471.67Fib S113,470.80LL113,525.67
S213,408.45Fib S213,446.67LL213,516.45
S313,371.10Fib S313,409.46Long13,507.23
    Brk Out Short13,479.58

S&P500 Resistance Level:
R31,485.40Fib R31,479.26Brk Out Long1,477.59
R21,479.35Fib R21,475.72Short1,474.97
R11,475.85Fib R11,473.43HL21,474.09
S11,466.30Fib S11,466.17LL11,471.46
S21,460.25Fib S21,463.88LL21,470.59
S31,456.75Fib S31,460.35Long1,469.71
    Brk Out Short1,467.09

AAPL Resistance Level:
R3511.09Fib R3504.88Brk Out Long494.51
R2505.04Fib R2499.11Short490.21
R1495.48Fib R1495.36HL2488.78
S1479.87Fib S1483.50LL1484.49
S2473.82Fib S2479.75LL2483.06
S3464.26Fib S3473.98Long481.63
    Brk Out Short477.33

UVXY Resistance Level:
R314.93Fib R314.62Brk Out Long14.14
R214.62Fib R214.34Short13.94
R114.18Fib R114.16HL213.87
S113.43Fib S113.59LL113.66
S213.12Fib S213.41LL213.59
S312.68Fib S313.13Long13.52
    Brk Out Short13.32

JPM Resistance Level:
R347.88Fib R347.17Brk Out Long46.97
R247.18Fib R246.75Short46.66
R146.76Fib R146.48HL246.56
S145.64Fib S145.63LL146.25
S244.94Fib S245.36LL246.14
S344.52Fib S344.95Long46.04
    Brk Out Short45.73

GS Resistance Level:
R3139.00Fib R3138.11Brk Out Long136.77
R2138.13Fib R2137.32Short136.18
R1136.86Fib R1136.80HL2135.98
S1134.72Fib S1135.18LL1135.39
S2133.85Fib S2134.66LL2135.20
S3132.58Fib S3133.87Long135.00
    Brk Out Short134.41
BA Resistance Level:
R378.02Fib R377.49Brk Out Long77.38
R277.50Fib R277.20Short77.16
R177.22Fib R177.00HL277.09
S176.42Fib S176.40LL176.87
S275.90Fib S276.20LL276.79
S375.62Fib S375.91Long76.72
    Brk Out Short76.50

Earning Calendar:
Company NameTimeTranscriptWall St
EPS Est($)
BANK OF NY MELL  BK Before OpenN/A0.53N/A
BANK OZARKS  OZRK After Market CloseN/A0.55N/A
BOSTON PRIV FIN  BPFH After Market CloseN/A0.17N/A
CLARCOR INC  CLC After Market CloseN/A0.70N/A
CVB FINL  CVBF After Market CloseN/A0.22N/A
EBAY INC  EBAY After Market CloseN/A0.61N/A
EL PASO PIPELIN  EPB After Market CloseN/A0.55N/A
FIRST REP BK SF  FRC Before OpenN/A0.73N/A
KINDER MORG ENG  KMP After Market CloseN/A0.67N/A
M&T BANK CORP  MTB Before OpenN/A2.17N/A
PACIFIC CONTL  PCBK After Market CloseN/A0.19N/A
PLEXUS CORP  PLXS After Market CloseN/A0.49N/A
SCHWAB(CHAS)  SCHW Before OpenN/A0.15N/A
SLM CORP  SLM After Market CloseN/A0.53N/A
US BANCORP  USB Before OpenN/A0.74N/A
WNS HLDGS-ADR  WNS Before OpenN/A0.25N/A
Economic Calendar:
3:20EURECB Governing Council member Nowotny speaks on "Monetary Policy, Fiscal Stability - an Austrian Perspective" and Euromoney conference in Viennalow
5:00EURHICP (Final)med2.22.2
5:00EURHICP (Final)med0.3-0.2
5:00EURHICP - Core (Final)med1.51.4
8:30USDCPI (ex Food & Energy)med0.20.1
9:00USDNet Long-term TICS Flowslow25.31.3
9:15USDIndustrial productionmed0.31.1
9:15USDCapacity utilisationmed78.578.4
10:00USDFed's Kocherlakota speaks on "Past, Present and Future: The Macroeconomy and Federal Reserve Actions" event hosted by SCORElow
10:00USDNAHB Builders surveymed4847
12:00EURECB Executive Board member Asmussen speaks at Hohenheim University in Stuttgartlow
14:00USDBeige Book releasedlow
19:00USDFed's Fisher speaks on "Why It's Important to Downsize Institutions That Are Too Big To Fail" before the Committee for the Republic Salonlow
19:00GBPBoE Deputy Governor Tucker speaks on "The Impact of Current Financial Sector Reforms on Bank Lending, Efficiency and Financial Stability" hosted by the Centre for Economic Policy Researchlow
20:00USDFed's Kocherlakota speaks on "Past, Present and Future: The Macroeconomy and Federal Reserve Actions" before the National Association of Corporate Directors/Minnesota Regional Chapterlow

After Hour Gainer and Loser:
Percentage Gainers
IssueSymbolVolumeLastChg% ChgHighLow
Vera BradleyVRA55,898$25.252.25 9.78$25.40$21.75
Christopher&BanksCBK58,3456.150.48 8.476.215.67
TTM TechnologiesTTMI47,9747.800.38 5.129.517.41
ArQuleARQL5,6462.780.11 4.122.932.48
Gordmans StoresGMAN10,85212.100.44 3.7715.3611.65
Chicago Bridge&IronCBI10,77849.961.76 3.6549.9647.86
Starwood Property TrustSTWD6,59924.490.64 2.6824.4923.84
TransCanadaTRP9,60050.501.19 2.4150.5049.01
Northern Tier EnergyNTI20,85326.000.54 2.1226.0025.46
Percentage Decliners
IssueSymbolVolumeLastChg% ChgHighLow
Pacira PharmaceuticalsPCRX68,310$17.50-1.45-7.65 $19.21$16.62
Carpenter TechnologyCRS32,60450.70-3.22-5.97 53.9249.50
Cobalt International EnergyCIE148,97325.25-1.50-5.61 26.7625.25
Arkansas BestABFS14,93210.20-0.27-2.63 10.4710.20
CrocsCROX46,32315.30-0.41-2.61 15.7814.80
Market Vectors Vietnam ETFVNM50,00019.42-0.49-2.46 19.4219.42
STAG IndustrialSTAG9,74818.40-0.45-2.39 18.8518.00
Imperial HoldingsIFT5,0004.00-0.09-2.20 4.004.00
Interactive Brokers GroupIBKR35,67913.80-0.30-2.13 14.2613.26
Gentiva Health ServicesGTIV23,5069.69-0.21-2.12 10.849.69
Five BelowFIVE20,05031.19-0.64-2.01 31.8330.35
BoeingBA57,98875.50-1.44-1.87 76.9575.11

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