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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stocks for December 19th: CECO, DLPH, APOG, CSIQ, KCG, SYMM, MXWL, IQNT

There is no economic data, earning data or fiscal cliff issue that matter to the stock market. It has become habit but every good news = rally = every bad news. Its running on hopium of something will be done by December 31st. US is now 7 billion away from hitting debt ceiling of 16.394 trillion. All the news media is promoting the belief that US deadline is February 1st because Treasury will start using "extra ordinary measure" to survive till Feb, which is default. I would still suggest ignore this rally and sit on the sideline. Its very risky market. If you look at the chart, recovery is higher and bigger then sell off. Because the price action is so fast, it will be very difficult to catch unless you ignore the news and follow the trend.

AVOID THIS MARKET. I'll start giving resistance level for trading once market become little normal to trade.
Sell off and recovery chart.
Premarket Earning:
After Hour Earning:

Economic Calendar:
DateTime Currency Importance EventActual Forecast Previous  
Dec. 1903:30 EUR Low Spanish industrial New Orders (YoY)   -3.5%  -5.7%  
 04:00 EUR Low Current Account   6.0B  0.8B  
 04:00 EUR High German Ifo Business Climate Index   102.0  101.4  
 04:00 EUR Medium German Current Assessment   108.0  108.1  
 04:00 EUR Medium German Business Expectations   96.3  95.2  
 04:00 EUR Low Italian Industrial New Orders (MoM)   -2.3%  -4.0%  
 04:00 EUR Low Italian Industrial Sales (MoM)     -4.20%  
 07:00 USD Low MBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)     6.2%  
 07:00 CZK Low Czech Interest Rate Decision   0.05%  0.05%  
 Tentative RUB Low Russian Retail Sales (YoY)   4.1%  3.8%  
 Tentative RUB Low Russian Unemployment Rate   5.4%  5.3%  
 07:30 BRL Low Brazilian Bank lending (MoM)     1.40%  
 08:00 NOK Low Norwegian Interest Rate Decision   1.50%  1.50%  
 08:00 PLN Low Polish Industrial Output (YoY)   0.35%  4.60%  
 08:00 PLN Low Polish PPI (YoY)   0.10%  1.00%  
 08:30 USD Medium Building Permits   0.875M  0.868M  
 08:30 USD Medium Housing Starts   0.873M  0.894M  
 09:00 MXN Medium Mexican Retail Sales (YoY)   3.4%  3.8%  
 09:30 BRL Low Brazilian Foreign Exchange Flows     -1.35B  
 10:30 USD Low Crude Oil Inventories   -1.122M  0.843M  
 10:30 USD Low Gasoline Inventories   1.844M  5.000M  
 13:00 USD Low 7-Year Note Auction     1.045%  

After hour Gainer and Loser:
Percentage Gainers
IssueSymbolVolumeLastChg% ChgHighLow
Career EducationCECO12,044$4.140.62  17.61$4.14$2.67
Delphi AutomotiveDLPH13,88935.991.54  4.4736.0034.27
Apogee EnterprisesAPOG11,76024.690.97  4.0924.6923.30
Canadian SolarCSIQ6,9253.180.12  3.923.183.16
Knight Capital Group Cl AKCG81,0653.440.11  3.303.453.28
Box ShipsTEU5,0004.270.11  2.754.274.27
OracleORCL4,269,20233.460.58  1.7633.9032.32
Kodiak Oil&GasKOG25,3619.380.16  1.749.399.18
Percentage Decliners
IssueSymbolVolumeLastChg% ChgHighLow
SymmetriComSYMM17,290$5.40-0.60-10.00  $6.00$5.01
Maxwell TechnologiesMXWL10,9687.31-0.81-9.95  8.126.77
Neutral TandemIQNT814,8382.56-0.23-8.32  2.872.15
Apollo Group Cl AAPOL14,62521.01-1.14-5.16  22.1921.01
Diamondback EnergyFANG5,83617.96-0.84-4.46  18.8017.96
Health NetHNT37,44024.52-1.14-4.44  25.6622.88
WebMD HealthWBMD31,77915.69-0.53-3.26  16.2213.65
Bellatrix ExplorationBXE27,9004.11-0.14-3.20  4.114.11
Vertex PharmaceuticalsVRTX26,31842.14-1.19-2.75  43.3441.57

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