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Friday, December 7, 2012

My best prediction for Dec 3rd - 7th: AAPL, GMCR, LULU, VRSN, AMD, WLT

The purpose of the alert is to make investor aware of any possible breakout or sell off. I just try to show what's coming next on the chart. Try to use chart as a trading tool. Below are some of the stock which alert was issued ahead of time and it tested the level. All the chart is listed @
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December 1st : AAPL bearish call was issued  and December 7th Price target was 533 and it closed at 533.03. 

December 1st bearish alert call
December 7th  price target was 533 and it closed at 533.03
December 7th: Sarepta Therapeutics Inc $SRPT new alert 23.85, it closed at 25.32 which is 3% gain for short.
SRPT New alert
December 6th: $Lulu was alerted for 71.49 and it tested 71.53 before closing at 72.53 which is 2% gain for short
Lulu target was 71.49 at today's low it hit 71.53 before closing at  72.53
December 6th: $AAPL was alerted for 33 and it tested 630 before closing at 633.03 which is gain of 3% gain for short.
AAPL target was 633 and at today's low, it tested 630 before closing at 633.03
December 5th: $GMCR was alerted for 36.20 and it tested today at 37.20 before closing at 37.85 which is gain of 10% for short.
VRSN  tested 36.78 before closing at 36.75 which is gain of 7% for long.
VRSN tested 36.78 before closing at 36.28
AMD gain of 4% for long
AMD closed today  at  2.36
WLT  closed today 34.21

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