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Sunday, November 18, 2012

WEEKLY OUTLOOK NOV 19th - 23rd: DOW JONES, S&P500, Nasdaq, Gold, and Silver

Last week, I was expecting Dow jones to close at 12810 and it closed at 12815. Here is a link for last week prediction 

For the week, Dow jones was down 227 point (-1.8%), S&P500 was down 19.97 (-1.45%) and Nasdaq was down 52 point (-1.8%)

Expectation for Nov (19th - 23rd):

Dow jones is expected to be in the range of 12,390 - 12742 range with closing Price target of 12742. Below is the trading plan for this week. As long as Dow jones is above 12580 its a buy with PT of 12742. Below 12580 is a bearish zone with PT of 12390. The downtrend will reverse to uptrend, if Dow jones break 12640 on upside. 
Dow jones weekly outlook above 12580 is bullish with PT of 12742 and below is bearish with PT of 12390.
S&P500 above 1354 will be bullish and below is bearish level.
In S&P500, above 1381 is a buy with PT of 1398 and below 1381 its a sell with Pt of 1365. 1372 is the expected closing PT for Nov 16th.
Dow Jones expected to bounce but 12580 is key level above is bullish and below will be bearish

Trading Levels S&P500Nasdaq100Dow Jones RussellDollar Index
Bullish 31383.922597.0812717795.27442.37
Bullish 21371.832568.1712640785.73437.33
Bullish 11364.422549.8312593779.57430.97
Bearish 11344.922502.5812469763.87419.57
Bearish 21332.832473.6712392754.33414.53
Bearish 31325.422455.3312345748.17408.17
Trading levelDec GoldDec. SilverJan. Crude OilDec. Bonds Dec. Euro
Bullish 31729.73327.789.81153 13/321.2883
Bullish 21723.43297.888.60153  1/321.2835
Bullish 11718.13261.287.83152 17/321.2788
Bull1711.83231.386.62152  5/321.2740
Bearish 11706.53194.785.85151 21/321.2693
Bearish 21700.23164.884.64151  9/321.2645
Bearish 31694.93128.283.87150 25/321.2598

What will happen if Fiscal cliff is not resolved ?

Below i have presented two chart to show what will happen if US fiscal cliff is not solved. 
S&P500 is hold between 1360- 1383
Chart for S&P500 if Fiscal cliff is not resolved.

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