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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trading Plan for AAPL, SPY, AIG, CTCT, HMSY, GS, SLV

Below is the buy and sell level for AAPL, SPY, AIG, CTCT, HMSY, GS, and SLV requested by More, OBO, and BOnd. Here is a guideline to read the chart.
1. Red circle or arrow: Bearish sign ON which is the sell signal.
2. Blue Circle or arrow: Bullish sign ON which is buy signal.
3. Black arrow: Uptrend bounce.

Rule is simple, "Follow the trend, don't bet against it" and if its volatile, "Sit on the sideline". 

AAPL closed at 604. 

For Day trading: I'll buy at 603.56 if its trending upside then I'll hold it till 611 will see if it breaks 614 which confirms bullish trend and next target is 622. 

If its falls to 608 on the way down or If AAPL Breaks 603.56, I'll sell/short it to see if 598 breaks which gives price target of 592 followed by 588. 

AAPL chart
AAPL short term likely to test 588 unless it moves above 614 which confirms bullish trend.
SPY closed at 141.35
For day trading buy SPY above 141.51 with price target of 141.99 and short on the way down at 141.77.
SPY falling below 141.13 confirms bearish trend.
SPY short term buy above 141.57 and sell below 141.35
GS closed at 119.44
For day trading, If GS moves above 119.75, confirms bullish trend and on the way down, breaking beelow 119.24 confirms bearish trend.
GS chart
CTCT closed at 11.93
For day trading, breaking above 12.26 followed by 12.72 confirms bullish trend. On the otherhand, if CTCT breaks 11.88 then it confirms bearish trend and its likely to test 11.33

CTCT chart
AIG closed at 34.72 
For day trading, if AIG breaks 34.79  it confirms bullish trend and on the way down, 34.52 confirms bullish trend.
AIG Chart
HMSY closed at 20.61
For Day trading, if HMSY breaks 20.68 followed by 21.35 confirms bullish trend and on the way down, if 20.22 breaks then it confirms bearish trend and most likely it will test 18.
HMSY Chart
SLV closed at 31.08
For day trading, 31.16 confirms short term bullish and breaking 31.05 confirms bearish trend.
SLV chart

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