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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Its time to be cautious: First warning sign 'ON' S&P500

Inspite of all the global weakness, global stock market have rallied on the hope of easing and Fed have given the market "QE infinity" to keep near all time high. S&P500 have rallied 16.7% year to date, 25% in 1 year and 113%  from march 2009 lows. Because of formation of ultimate death cross in S&P500, New PT for 2012 is 1275. 
Forming ultimate death cross in s&P500
The only way S&P500 can survive crash in coming day is by rallying to 1500.67. 1385 is first short term target.
First short term target on S&P500 is 1385
Long term target 1275
S&P500 - 1275 Long term target