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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chart analysis for STX, IBM, MA, CLF, KORS, WYNN,

STX is near 200 ma which could take it down 10% easily and likely to test 23.50 on weakness
STX in downtrend.
CLF is in downtrend, its likely to test 33.56 if it breaks 36.23 while if it can break 36.65 on the upside then it will test 37.63
CLF in downtrend.
KORS is getting closer to fall in bearish zone. Breaking below 53.65 confirms bearish zone and most likelt it will test 49.52
KORS still bullish but getting closer to bearish zone
IBM  is safe to hold above 192.69 Long term IBM is still in bullish zone. IBM below 184 will confirm bearish zone.
IBM still in bullish zone.
MA has bounced off on all the weakness this year. At present MA is in downtrend but long term chart shows bullish. Ma above 449.75 is safe to hold.
MA has bounced off on every sell off.
WYNN above 115.1 is safe to hold and as long as WYNN is above 118 its in bullish zone.
WYNN above 118 is in bullish zone.

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