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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Technical Levels to Watchout for June 11th

After Spain bailout news market is expected to open higher.

For Bullish sentiment to continue: Dow needs to break 12690, followed by 12735, while S&P500 needs to break 1342.

For Bearish sentiment to continue:  Dow needs to break 12669, followed by 12,570, while S&P500 needs to break 1336 followed by 1328.

Earnings After market Close:CO, FNSR, GAME, SURG, COOL, KV.A, CHMP

Earning Before Market openMFRI, MVC, NOOF, TPLM

After hours big gainer:KIOR, TGE, UBNT, FTR, TITN, RES, DDMG, SVU

After hours big loserMDF, YELP, VC, HK, SPF, UHAL, KTEC, CEDC, NLNK

Premarket Gainer:  It will be updated before market opens

Premarket loser: It will be updated before market opens

Stocks for Day trading: UVXY, XIV, SVXY, TVIX, GLD, TZA, FAS, FAZ, FB, TPX

Stocks for Option Trading: CAT, XOM, SPY, QQQ, IBM, PCLN, AAPl, WLT, PCX, GOOG, MT.

Economic calendar

There is no important economic data out of US. 

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