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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Extremely broke countries pledges to lend money to another broke countries

During last G20 nation meeting, IMF pledged for $430 billion bailout money for European union. Let me give you some insight about G20. It has twenty countries, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Republic of Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America. Out of this countries, France, US, China and Germany have clearly said, they are not adding up any new fund while other countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Republic or korea, Turkey have smaller economy then Italy which itself needs money. Italy and Spain are the world 8th and 12th largest economies in the world and to bailout such big countries with the new fund from struggling countries is simply ridiculous. Its like extremely broke countries pledging to lend money to other extremely broke countries. 

Sunday France Presidental election between Sarkozy and Hollande will decide the fate of the stock market in coming days. If Hollande wins it could lead to sell off as he has made clear that France will renegotiate European Fiscal Pact union. 

Once again things will be decided in future market a gap up could change from bearish sentiment to bullish sentiment. While a big gap down would make sure stock will have big sell off. But remember the manipulation rally begins between 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm 

The first level to check in Dow for upside is 13060 followed by 13100 which is important break point for the upside. While for the downside, Dow needs to break 12967 followed by 12900.

The first level to check for tomorrow in S&P500 for upside is 1382 followed by 1386 which is important break point for the upside. While for the downside, S&P500 needs to break 1372 followed by 1368.

Gap up from futures made sure the bullish sentiment continued on friday before it turned bearish again

1 Month still bearish but a gap up or gap down on Monday would decide if its going to bullish day or bearish day

A gap up in future made sure S&P500 open bullish while at the close it back to bearish

1 month chart of S&P500 is still bearish but a big gap up could change to bullish sentiment from bearish
There is no economic data on Monday. FOMC meeting on next week Tuesday and Wednesday would prevent and big sell off as the talk for QE3 will be once again in focus on CNBS.

Earning to focus before market opens: DHI, HAS, XRX, RSH, COP
Earning to focus after market close: NFLX, ILMN, TXN.
For Long term keep SNDK, PCX, RVBD, INFY, NOK in your watchlist.
For day trading watchout AAPL, PCLN, MA, FAS, FAZ, TZA, TNA, TVIX, XIV, SVXY, UVXY (remember volatility is not a long term investment option use it for strictly day trading).

Overall this stock market is still decided in future market and if you think it would be fair play in election year then your wrong. Lots of manipulation likely to continue till US election is over.

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