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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stocks for Jan 30th: RVBD, SDOW, FAZ, TZA, INFI,

US real disposable income
The market is expected to open low tomorrow as ECB might conduct their fine tuning operation on Tuesday when its expected to open higher. As of now ECB hasn't posted on their site if they are going to launch another operation. The level to watch for tomorrow is S&P500 needs to break 1312 level to slide down to 1303. If it can break 1296 level, then we'll see biggest decline for this month.

us real personal consumptionEU official are meeting in Brussel for 17th time in 2 year. Their main task were to sign intergovernmental fiscal treaty and Greece bailout package. But since Greece deal is not done yet, main media stream will focus on some new rescue fund. Main stream knows this market weakness, if the market starts falling, they start talking about EFSF, ESM, QE3, Refinancing Housing or some new bailout/stimulus program. 

US stock market has ignored all the negative so far which caused big downfall between Aug - Nov 2011, right from US downgrade, to Greece default issue. All the problem still exist and nothing has changed but Dow and S&P500 rallied 1600 and 170 point respectively between Nov 25th till now.

Earning to focus for tomorrow are

Jan 27/a AMGN KTEC            

Earning calendar
Personal Income and Outlays
8:30 AM ET

Dallas Fed Mfg Survey
10:30 AM ET

Personal Income - M/M change 0.4 % (Higher is bullish lower is bearish, negative is very bearish)
Consumer Spending - M/M change 0.1 % (higher will be bullish while lower will be bearish)
Core PCE price index - M/M change 0.1 % (Higer will be bullish while lower will be bearish)

The market is expected to open low, and likely to remain low unless there is again pullback between 12.30 EST to 2 EST which has been happening for past 1 month.

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