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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Should you short #CAT ? Its in overbought zone

We saw Google was overbought when it hit $664 level and after that it kept dropping. Similarly when Google was at $497, it was at oversold zone and we saw nice rally in it. When RSI is above 70, its called overbought while RSI is below 30 its called over sold. When the stock is overbought, people start selling stock no matter how strong is the fundamental of the company. Similarly, when stock is oversold, people start buying for upside rally to make quick gain.

Let me give you another example of DMND, when it was trading at $90, it was in overbought zone, then it dropped. At one point DMND fell below $26 when it was oversold and saw rally upside. 


CAT is now in Overbought zone, which means its can be shorted or buy put in this stock for quick gain. Since the stock is expensive one can buy March 17, $105 put for $380 for 1 contract which is equivalent to $100 share of CAT. The other option is $110 put for $670 which is much safe considering earning is on this Thursday. 

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