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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Market News - Jan 18 - The best value in online trading

Things you need to know about the trading day today:

  1. Yahoo's Jerry Yang resigned yesterday. Shares rose because speculators anticipate sale of the company's asian assets or the company as a whole now that he's no longer with the company.
  2. Goldman shares beat expectations(which had been significantly lowered) and shares rose in pre-market trading. US Bancorp beat expectations.
  3. Whole foods market rose over 4% yesterday on higher volume which indicates institutional buying. WFM is a buy from a long term perspective on pullbacks.
  4. CBRX is rebounding after crashing on Tuesday.
  5. U.S. producer prices fell in December.
  6. Industrial production rises slower than expected in December, up 0.4% Vs an expected 0.5%.
  7. Mortgage applications rose 23% last week.
  8. AAPL hit an all-time high on market open.
  9. EBAY is expected to report earnings after market close today, shares are expected to drop significantly after.
  10. The International Monetary Fund is proposing to raise its lending capacity by $500 billion to insulate the global economy against any worsening of Europe’s debt crisis, according to a rumor. This brought some relief to the euro and the european markets because this brings some assurance of security in the region.
  11. Stocks to watch: CREE, GS, USB, EBAY, FFIV, KMP.

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